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Squirrel Alert


This is not a page about quilts with cute little squirrels on them. Instead you will find current distractions that were not on my project list but quickly and far too easily became something I had to make. Because like Dug the dog in the movie "UP", I am easily distracted! You may click on each link to find the pattern or tutorial. A check mark next to the project indicates completion.

September 2022


  1. Oh man! I feel like every project is a squirrel project. But I love the idea of this!

  2. It's a great idea to have a squirrel page, maybe I'll have to add one.

  3. We love Doug!! And we use the "squirrel" comment to distract each other during conversations, just because we can. That's what makes life together so much fun. I bought a plastic goose for my husband (you know, the kind you fill with sand and put in the yard) so we could buy the cute outfits. Well, he fixed me; he keeps it in our library, complete in it's squirrel costume. He calls it a "Squck" (squirrel/duck). Love the page.

    1. Haha thank you! Oh my gosh LOL on the Squck! If I knew your email I'd respond - or comment your blog site. :)


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