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I was born in northeastern Oklahoma, lived on a farm most of my young life, and now live in far north Texas, about 10 miles from Oklahoma! I married my childhood sweetheart in 1969, had a wonderful son and beautiful daughter, and now we are grandparents to 3 granddaughters and 2 grandsons. We have lived in either Oklahoma or Texas all of our lives.

Our wedding day 50 years ago and our 50th anniversary

Texas Quilt Gal is a continuation of My Sew-Called Quilts and is all about quilting, needlework, recipes, and gardening. I've been quilting since 2010 when my sweet Mom, who lived with us, passed away, and I suddenly had a lot of time on my hands. Both my grandmothers were quilters, and I wish I had been smart enough to learn from them when I was younger. My favorite quilts are traditional, scrappy, and gradation. I taught myself embroidery and crochet in my 20s and still love the hand-work, and I really enjoy cross stitch.

This is how I pictured retirement but it's a bit busier than that!

We are both retired and now spend our days taking care of our 5 acres and spoiling our dog and cats. My husband has a shop where he "makes things", and I like to quilt in my sewing room and enable my fabric addiction. My garden takes up my time during the warm weather months, and I love to bake year-round.

Some odd facts about me:
  • I've been a Christian all my life and United Methodist is my denomination.
  • I had our first child in May of our senior year of college and walked across the stage to receive a degree in mathematics two weeks later.
  • I intended to use my degree in mathematics to teach junior high math. The town where we moved after graduation had a position available, but only if I was a coach/math teacher! I got a job as a secretary instead and never renewed my teacher certification. Instead I wore many office "hats" from administrative to data input to management.
  • In 2007 I said good-bye to corporate life and started my own catering company, For Goodness Sake. I catered for a local coffee shop, my church, wedding showers and weddings, corporate clients, and individuals until 2013. It was my best job ever!
  • During our life together we have moved from Oklahoma to north Texas, back to Oklahoma, then to south Texas. Those moves were all job-related. We moved to far north Texas in October 2020, and we are 10 miles from the Red River, which divides Oklahoma and Texas. 
  • We have four rescued animals - three kitties named Katy, Jack, and Rosie, and our dog Buddy - and a stray kitty named Toby who will hopefully become part of our family. Our kids say that our animals have become our children now, and they are right!
  • I am a trained storm spotter for the National Weather Service and have a lifelong fascination and love for thunderstorms and towering supercells, so that officially makes me a weather geek.
  • I have my Conceal Carry license and own a Puma 1873-22 revolver - a cowboy gun!
  • I love all things UK. I recently did the Ancestry.com DNA test and found my ethnicity is 71% England and Wales and 29% Ireland and Scotland, so that explains that!
  • Although I will not subject you to my political opinions on my blog, I am a conservative.

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  1. What a wonderful bio of you and yours! I am a Chopin which goes back to France and Switzerland. I am 97% European! Mother's family goes back to Germany so there is some of that but mostly Pennsylvania Dutch. We have been retired for 21 years now. We share the same beliefs! Go Trump!


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