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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

To-Do Tuesday and A Sweet Photo

 Today I'm joining Roseanne at Homesewn By Us and friends for To-Do Tuesday list and update.

Finished "B" blocks for Exploding Heart QAL

Let's see how I did on last week's To-Do list:
1. Finish embroidery project bag for granddaughter - almost done, just need to hand stitch the binding
2. Cut pieces for Exploding Heart QAL - Block "B" DONE, waiting for more background fabric
3. Get busy on Meadowland quilt - still sitting in the basket
4. Continue to work on Village in the Snowfall embroidery - still stitching
5. Make RSC blocks - pieces still waiting to be sewn

Granddaughter's project bag almost finished

This week's To-Do List:
1. Work on granddaughter's project bag
2. If fabric arrives, cut more pieces for Exploding Heart QAL; still have another week to sew all the blocks
3. Sandwich Meadowland quilt
4. RSC blocks
5. Round Robin border
6. Village in the Snowfall embroidery

Beverly and her quilt

I wanted to share a sweet photo of the recipient of a quilt I made last year. Beverly is the older sister of Myrna, my best friend from childhood, and I posted about the quilt I made for her in this post last April. Beverly was recently moved from Oklahoma to a nursing home closer to Myrna, who lives in Georgia. Myrna said that quilt was a big comfort to Beverly throughout her move and relocation. That made me cry happy/sad tears, then I received the above photo and that made me tear up again!

Be sure to visit the linky party to see how other busy bloggers have been doing with their projects!


  1. Sweet photo, how nice to see people enjoying a special quilt. Good luck with your list.

  2. Beverly looks so happy cuddled up to her quilt, what a nice thing you did.

  3. Your granddaughter's project bag is looking just great, Linda! I bet she'll love it. Looking forward to seeing how your Exploding Heart quilt progresses, too. That's such a nice picture of your friend with her quilt! Isn't that a good feeling to know she will enjoy using it?

  4. Hi Linda! Your granddaughter's bag is coming along so nicely. Those fabrics in Exploding Heart are wonderful. And Beverly and her quilt is just fab!! What a nice smile and I'm glad she is closer to her sister. What a nice gift and something physical to get her through all these big changes. Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Busy week for you - I love the photo of Beverly and her quilt. If I lived close by i would hire you to teach me quilting.

  6. well i mean if you wanted to be hired, presumptious of me.

  7. Love the smile on Beverly's face, it sure says it all, doesn't it? That's the best thing about quilting, sharing our quilts with others. You had a good week! That project bag is cute!

  8. Your project bag for your GD is too cute! I'm watching for your Meadowland to show up, as you know I'm a big fan of Meadowland!!! And yes, sweet photo of Bev!!! Makes it worth it.

  9. The fabrics you are using in the Exploding Heart QAL are lovely! So sweet your quilt for Beverly!

  10. You have a lot going on! The smile on Beverly's face makes it all worth it, doesn't it? You are so sweet to do that for her.

  11. What a happy lady she is with a special quilt! I imagine it did make you Happy/ Sad. Have a great day. We are sitting I. The car while the are doing the Termite treatment to the house and studio. Then off to the hotel fir the night. Only 7 miles from home but away from the smell. Hugs


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