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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

To-Do Tuesday

It's already Wednesday and Sunday is Easter! Where did the time go? I've been playing with that pretty giveaway bundle from Diann, so I am a day late to post my weekly progress. Let's see how I did last week.

1. Sandwich rose garden quilt - no progress but I admired the flimsy every time I walked by it!

2. Make the next RBD block - Woops! There is no block pattern until next Tuesday! 

3. Cut background pieces and start on HSTs for Homespun QAL - no progress - this one will probably have to wait a couple weeks.

✔4. Plant tomato plants - DONE - also got bushes planted in the front bed and set stones to line the bed.

I'm supposed to practice walking with these for the next few days!

My lapiplasty surgery is scheduled for early next week, and the preop was yesterday. Besides blood tests and X-rays, there was a mandatory COVID-19 test (negative!) before I'm allowed into the hospital. The rest of the week will be spent getting medications ready, hosting Easter dinner with our daughter and family on Saturday, and getting those all those little things done that I won't be able to do for awhile. I will be mostly off my feet and using crutches for two weeks before I get a "boot" on my foot.

I'll take a break from To-Do Tuesday for awhile, but be sure to check out the wildly creative bloggers right here, hosted by Chris.


  1. I'm sorry about your upcoming surgery but at least you got your tomatoes planted! Do you have any hand-work you can do while recovering? Wishing you a safe and happy Easter!

  2. I am still loving that fabric. I think I like the floral fabric the best. So pretty! You have already planted tomatoes? Wow! That explains why you get tomatoes so much earlier than we do. It’s not safe to plant here until after Mother’s Day. We actually are under a freeze warning at the moment.

  3. You've been busy! Remind me, is the surgery on your non-sewing foot (I hope?) Glad you can have Easter with the family before the surgery, too. Hope it all goes smoothly and that your recovery is quick!

  4. Looks like you're doing something fun with the green and purple! I'm glad you got some of that planting done, and get to have your daughter and family there for Easter, too, before the surgery. My best thoughts coming your way for the surgery, Linda!

  5. Oh no! We will miss you, but hopefully you will be able to do some creating while recuperating. Stay well and recover quickly!

  6. Easter with family first, yay! Praying your surgery is successful.

  7. OH Today is the day - I am thinking of you - hoping that you will be on those crutches and getting to the sewing machine soon! Take care, Hugs. Love those purples!

  8. Here's hoping your surgery and recovery go well. Maybe catch up on some reading while recuperating, before you can get back to quilting!


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