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Thursday, June 24, 2021


Yes I've joined another quilt-along, let's just get that out there first. But I can't resist them! This one honors a traditional American block, the Churn Dash, and I am a traditional gal at heart. Kairle Oaks is hosting, and you can find info about this QAL right here. She is also on Instagram as @kairleoaks 

Vintage churn dash block (found online)

The churn dash block dates back to the 1800s and supposedly represents a butter churn paddle. It is actually a variation of a 9-patch. It is a simple pattern with four HSTs, four 2-bar units, and a square in the middle that gives an opportunity for a fussy cut.

My first churn dash from 2010, part of a mini quilt

I actually made a churn dash block in my first quilting class. We made four traditional blocks set in a mini quilt. My points were pretty good because I was being taught by an official member of the Points Police.

The fabric requirements are a layer cake and background yardage - that's it. I chose Gingham Gardens layer cake and a Grunge background, which I believe is Grunge in "Paper". (If you know the secret to identifying Grunge colors from the selvage, please let me know!) I have loved Gingham Gardens for months but made myself hold off from purchasing any. As soon as I found out about this QAL, Heartfully Handmade just happened to have a 20% off sale, so that was my permission to purchase!

 This week our challenge is to cut the fabric and sew the "bar" pieces together. I couldn't wait to put a block together, and I'm loving it so far!

Jack has final approval over all aspects of the quilt process.

Exhausted from supervising


  1. Oh, I love that floral churnie! Jack looks pretty much like Wilbs these days. All the fur, all the heat equals sleepy eyes and naps!

  2. I love making churn dashes! I have a lot of them at 3" that I started about 3 years ago - Now I have a pattern that is all churn dashes with a Medallion in the center - I just might start that quilt and quilt along with you!


  3. I’m glad to hear that you have joined another group because that means we will get to see more blog posts. I always love to see what you’re doing. That Jack is really a cutie pie.

  4. I thought I had left a comment on this one - guess not! I have a pattern that is next when I catch up with a few more UFOs. It is all Churn dash blocks. Maybe I can just QAL in the background! Hugs

  5. I wish I knew the secret for identifying Grunge colors from the selvage! I've tried to match it before and it's easy to get something that's just a little bit off. I do love Grunge Paper - I used it for a quilt background and it's so pretty! Your churn dash quilt is going to be a fun one, Linda!

  6. GURLLLL, you know I wanted to join in this one too!!! I may have to print the pattern and work on it later. Your fabrics are perfect for this one. How large will the quilt be when it's finished? I have some layer cakes I need to use up too. You know I love me some Jack. I miss my orange Jack boy too.

  7. You picked a great fabric line for this project. Happy stitching!

  8. Oh, a churn dash QAL. I can see why you couldn't resist. Perfectly delightful in Gingham Gardens. It sure would be good to know how to identify Grunge. I sure can't do it from digital thumbnails online, but wish I could. I might have that fabric, but maybe not.

  9. Oh, Jack... Is that really the best spot for your nap?


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