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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

To-Do Tuesday

Sneak peek at rose quilt - post coming soon!

Tuesdays roll around SO fast. I started this post yesterday just to see how I did on my goals, and I was pleasantly surprised! Let's see how I did.

My goals from last week:
✔1. Start quilting rose quilt - DONE and finished! I will do a post this week.
✔2. Plant green beans - DONE and a few are coming up!
✔3. Block for Riley Blake Design block challenge - DONE
✔4. Work on Monthly Color Challenge blocks - PROGRESS

I'm not sure I've ever used checkmarks in front of each goal - lol! It's a good feeling.

For the coming week here are my plans:
1. Start another QAL - YES I need one more! This one is for a wonderful traditional block - a Churn Dash - and is called a "DashAlong". You can find info about that one by clicking the logo in my sidebar. I am waiting for my layer cake (see above) to arrive from Heartfully Handmade and can't wait to get started.
2. Work on Exploding Hearts quilt. I started on this QAL in January and never even finished the prep. The pieces are in a box on my cutting table, and they are calling to me.
3. Make last block for RBD Challenge
4. Work on purple blocks for RSC
5. Finish blocks for June Color Challenge

Playing with his new Father's Day toy!

In other news: my husband did very well with his heart catheterization last week. The cardiologist did find blockage and put in another stent. While it may not improve his ejection fraction, we hope it will eventually give him more energy. It is a relief to have that procedure behind us! I talked him into purchasing a zero-turn mower, because it takes him such a long time to push a mower over our 1/3 acre. We bought at a local lawn equipment store and got a fantastic deal, quite a bit less money than Lowe's or Home Depot!

These little ones were here Saturday! They are eating Papaw's popcorn.

To-Do Tuesdays are hosted by Chris at ChrisKnits and you can find other participants' projects right here!


  1. So glad to know the heart procedure went well, Linda - it's always a relief to get those things over with. That mower is impressive, and hooray for green beans coming up, too! I planted a bunch of green beans this year and they're really happy. I'm looking forward to eating some. I'm also looking forward to seeing your quilt finish!

  2. Yeah, congrats for all those check markers.
    Great news, and the little ones are lovely eating papaw's popcorn.

  3. That is such a beautiful fabric line! Haven't done churn dashes yet (honestly, they never appealed to me till lately) but that's on my bucket list. Can't wait to see that one grow! My hubs went from spending half the day mowing our place (3 acres and 100+ trees) to just a couple hours with his ZTR. Certainly better things to do with a weekend than spend it on a mower! Good luck on the to-do's.

  4. Hi,
    Beautiful selection of fabrics your waiting on. Congrats
    on getting your list all done from last week. I got
    2 of 4 done. Have a great day!

  5. So thankful for good medical news for your husband, and for new toys! LOL. I love your layer cake, such a beautiful combo. And what sweet faces. Good luck with next week's goals! Thanks for linking up with To-Do!!

  6. Good news on your husband’s procedure! I would think a riding lawn mower was a good choice! Glad you got a deal! Sometimes shopping local is very productive! Good luck on all your upcoming projects’

  7. He looks happy on his new toy! Congrats for getting it all done last week.

  8. So glad the procedure went well, and how great that you could get a good deal on the mower. I can't imagine tackling that much yard with a push mower. The churn dash QAL sounds like a fun one. I'll enjoy watching your progress. Good goals, too!

  9. I love that layer cake you are using. I am not going to join the QAL, but I will enjoy following your progress. What are you going to use as your background fabric? I went to the website for the leader and noticed she is using Halloween fabrics. They are cute. But I prefer those beautiful fabrics you have chosen. Good luck! Carol in Texas

    1. Hi Carol! I did get my Gingham Gardens layer cake yesterday and have started on cutting - my least favorite part! For the background I am using a Grunge - I think it's called "Paper" - with a touch of light grey in it. Yes I noticed those Halloween fabrics too, and three years ago apparently she had another DashAlong and used Christmas fabrics. I see you are a "no-reply" blogger, so I can't respond via email. Are you on Instagram?

  10. I am so impressed that you accomplished all of your goals. I have to keep bringing my goals forward, week after week. As a consequence, my list keeps getting longer and longer. Lol! Your grandchildren are adorable!

  11. Congrats on finishing your goals! Mostly happy about hubby and yes the zero turn's are wonderful! He will enjoy and be safer! I like the fabrics you chose for you new QAL! Pretty and airy! The young ones are so cute - did they share with Grandpa? LOL. Hugs


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