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Monday, July 5, 2021

Independence Day In The Sewing Room

Scraptastic Star

Our family get-together was postponed! Our son and family were scheduled to visit on Friday, but our 22 year-old grandson developed congestion and fever. They were going to come without him, but Brandon is the life of the party! So we decided to wait until later this summer and try it again. Sooooo, I had unexpected time in the sewing room and decided to work with my purple scraps for RSC.

Geese Migration

Since 2020 I've been making Scraptastic Stars, 4-Patch Irish Chains, Geese Migration, and strings. I'm beginning to dread pulling out the scrap bins, because the bins become fuller as I use them!

4-Patch Irish Chains


I really enjoy making strings but oh what a mess I make!

I hope all of you had a happy and safe Fourth of July celebrating the independence of our great nation! I am linking (belatedly) to Angela's Scrap Happy Last Purple Saturday


  1. I'm so sorry your weekend didn't turn out as planned, and I hope you can get together soon. Three of our household were sick this weekend too (not me), so our weekend was pretty quiet, too. Your purple blocks are looking good!

  2. I’m sorry that your get together had to be postponed, but if he is the life of the party, you wouldn’t want to gather without him. I LOVE the purple (that thread is positively yummy), so I find all of these beautiful and eye-catching.

  3. Hope Grandson is doing OK now. I love purple! My favorite is your 4 patch Irish Chain

  4. Love your purple blocks, the 4Patch Irish Chain is my favorite! Hope grandson gets better soon! Hugs

  5. You have such pretty purples, Linda! Glad you've been able to get caught up, although I'm sorry it was because you had to cancel family plans. Every block looks great! I don't need a lot more blue in my current projects either, so I have to do some thinking about what I want to work on this month, too.


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