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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

To-Do Tuesday Summer Version

 Yesterday's high was 100, so indoor activity suits me just fine! 

Somehow in no time at all, it is Tuesday again, the day we share our progress at ChrisKnits for To-Do Tuesday.

Last Wednesday and Thursday we made a quick trip to Oklahoma to see my husband's sister. We took her to our hometown near Tulsa to visit our parents' gravesites and tour the old familiar spots. My childhood home (from 1956 till 1982 when my widowed Mom moved away) was built in 1940 and is occupied by the same folks who bought it in 1982. It is almost completely obscured by trees now that were non-existent when we lived there. After lunch at a favorite burger place, we said good-bye to his sister and drove to Oklahoma City to spend the night. We lived there from 2005-2012, and it was fun to see how much things had changed. We had a wonderful trip filled with warm memories but it was good to get back home. Between the trip and another squirrel that popped into my room, only one of my goals was met.

Here were last week's goals:
✔1. Finish quilting the sashing on the RBD Challenge quilt - DONE
2. Sew blocks for DashAlong - NO PROGRESS
3. Finish pieces for Exploding Heart quilt and do layout on design wall - NO PROGRESS

A distraction has entered the sewing room . . .Christmas squirrel

Goals for this coming week:
1. Start quilting individual blocks on RBD Challenge quilt
2. Finish blocks for Exploding Heart quilt and do layout on design wall
3. Sew blocks for DashAlong
4. Make time for Mr. Squirrel - more on that later this wee!

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  1. How wonderful to take a trip down memory lane. Good luck with your weekly list! Thanks for linking up with To-Do Tuesday!

  2. It must've been fun to visit Oklahoma and see how things have changed. My college roommate lives in Sapulpa, and I have fond memories of visiting her (and I remember how hot it was in the summer). Can't wait to see your squirrel!

  3. What a great visit to your childhood home! I am happy you got on the road for a nice getaway! Hugs

  4. I'm sure it was fun to see the old house. The farmhouse I grew up in was torn down and my parents built a new one in its place in 88, and my hubs and I eventually bought it. With the barn and so many sheds (incl hangars--we had a runway to boot), silos, animal pens etc all gone, you can barely recognize the place. Very few of the same trees are still here, too. Things just change but I'm glad we've kept this much in the family. (Hmm, makes me think I should do a post on all of that sometime!). Your squirrel looks fun. Getting ready to start a squirrel myself!

  5. Hot here, too - 101 today! That sounds like a fun trip down memory lane. What a change in the trees at your childhood home. I love the peek at your Christmas squirrel. Looks like pretty fabric!

  6. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for stopping by my asked what kind of thread I use... I
    use DMC embroidery Floss. And I've never had any of it bleed onto my
    fabric. Can't wait to see your Christmas Quilt together. Have a great day!

  7. 100 degrees ... but it was a dry heat! HA! We say that a lot here because we have been having 90 degrees with high humidity that makes it feel like it is in the l0w 100s. I like your squirrel project. Where is it from?


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