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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

To-Do Tuesday - It's "Ugh-gust"!

This Welcome Autumn cross stitch by Drawn Threads should get me in the mood for Fall

Not only is it already Tuesday, but it is also August - how did that happen? "Ugh-gust" is my least favorite month but this year I'm going to declare it "early fall" so it will be more tolerable and remind me that fall is coming . . . someday.

DashAlong is coming along - 12 blocks done and only 18 more to go!

Here's how I did on the goals I set for To-Do Tuesday lsst week:
1. Start quilting individual blocks on RBD Challenge quilt - NO PROGRESS. I'm still toying with the big stitch hand quilting idea but have not actually tried it
✔2. Finish blocks for Exploding Heart quilt and do layout on design wall - DONE and posted here on Instagram. I sewed the blocks together and now have 18 rows of 18 blocks ready to sew together.
✔3. Sew blocks for DashAlong - PROGRESS - I made a few more churn dash blocks (see photo above)
✔4. Make time for Mr. Squirrel - DONE - this is the album quilt I posted about here, so it officially changed from "squirrel" to "Christmas project".

Exploding Heart rows numbered and waiting their turn to be sewn together

For the coming week:
1. Try big stitch on at least one block of the RBD quilt
2. Sew rows together on Exploding Heart
3. Continue sewing on DashAlong
4. Continue making embroidery and pieced blocks for Christmas project
5. Leave a little time for Squirrel-spiration.

My new Simply Sixteen will be delivered this week! Setup and training have yet to be scheduled so actual quilting will not be happening anytime soon. I will have at least one finish to practice on though!

The linkup today is with right here at Melva Loves Scraps. Thanks for accepting the torch this week Melva!


  1. Morning! Let me know how the big stitch quilting goes. I have 2 folk art quilts that I need to do that way. Did you find a good YouTube to watch on it? Hugs - love the Churn Dash blocks! You are really getting going again and I agree on AUGUST! Now if we have 10 days hot and 10 days rainy until September that is fine as long as September is not HOT! HUGS

  2. Love the Exploding Heart! Those churn dash blocks are so pretty, too! You've had a good week!

  3. Your Welcome Autumn stitchery project is beautiful! I haven’t done counted cross stitch for awhile! I like that one!

  4. Ugh-just - that is perfect!!! Worst month of the year as far as weather/climate goes. This summer has been so very hot and dry. I am totally done with it.
    Linda, I LOVE your exploding heart. It is the coolest pattern and the colors you chose are really pretty. Just gorgeous!!

  5. I love that Exploding Heart design, and yours is beautiful, Linda! Great job getting it into rows. You'll have the quilt top together in no time. Perfect for your new quilting machine!

  6. Your churn dash blocks are adorbs! And that exploding heart!!! My heart skipped a beat!!!

  7. Pretty churn dash blocks and Exploding Heart quilt looks great, Linda!

  8. Churn dash is one of my favorite blocks. Yours looks great. You are making great progress! And we have half a week to make more!

  9. Hi Linda, what beautiful blocks you are turning out and I do enjoy seeing your fabric me ideas, LOL. You will definitely get so much enjoyment from a Sweet Sixteen, how special! Have a great weekend now.

  10. I love the colors you used in your Exploding Heart, the choices are refreshing! The churn dash blocks are coming along really well too! Have a lovely day!

  11. LOVE churn Dashes!! and wow that Exploding Star is going to be amazing!
    Also.... August is all about me ( hahaha - its my birthday month) so you can take an early fall and I will steal the month - bwahh ahahahaha!

  12. Oh, can't wait to see your exploding heart!! Good luck with your goals.


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