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Sunday, September 12, 2021

9/11 - Never Forget and DashAlong Update

I intended to post this yesterday, September 11, to remember and honor those who fell on that horrific day 20 years ago. But my husband had a bad reaction to a new med, so I spent the day taking care of him. He is much better today, and he won't be taking that medication any more! We had been watching 9/11 documentaries all week and enjoyed the tributes at college football games yesterday, as well as the emotional pre-game ceremonies at the New York Mets-Yankees game.

Now on to quilty things. This DashAlong began in June, hosted by Kairle Oaks at Virgin River Quilt Company. I did not keep up with the quilt-along but have finally finished the flimsy.

I made a churn dash as one of four basic blocks in my first quilting class in 2010.  I did mine in Christmas prints for a table topper and it sat as a UFO for 8 years after the class. You can read about 2018 finish right here on my former blog. In the photo above, you can see that the churn dash block (lower left) has red HSTs turned opposite the "norm" for a churn dash layout, a rookie move on my part! So it is hard to see it as a churn dash, but I like it anyway.

I chose a Gingham Gardens layer cake and love the colors and prints. Because I used a very light background, I considered putting a sashing between blocks to showcase some of the lighter-value fabrics. But I am planning to keep this quilt for myself, so I like the simple, clean look. The flimsy is a good size at 72 x 72 inches, so I won't add a border.

On the advice of my chief quilt advisor (the DIY guy - he's one step above the kitties), I chose this black floral print from the collection for the backing and found it on sale at Etsy! I bought four yards, which should be enough, and it will be here Monday.

Hope your weekend is going well!


  1. Love the churn dash quilt, and the backing fabric is a good choice. Sorry to hear about your hubby's bad reaction to meds - that's scary stuff!

  2. I'm so sorry your hubby had the reaction to his new medicine - that sounds scary! The churn dash flimsy is so pretty, Linda - I love the sweet colors and prints. It definitely is a keeper! 9/11 is definitely a day I will never forget. Reading about it or watching the shows just made me cry, so I had to stop. It's certainly in my heart, though.

  3. I wasn't able to watch any of the tributes because I knew in my weakened state I would just sob the whole time. But I clearly remember where I was that morning.
    I love Churn Dash! And your flimsy is gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you quilt on it.

  4. Hi again, Linda! Oh, I'm so thrilled to hear that Dash Along is for you!! We rarely keep quilts for ourselves, doesn't it seem?? I love that pretty floral for the backing - and on sale?!! Sweet! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Yes, September 11th....I stayed away from the television to avoid crying.
    Your flimsy is so cheerful! I so love the churn dash block! Take good care!


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