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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Pumpkin Patch Mini Quilt

Pumpkin Patch mini (metal pumpkin purchased at Hobby Lobby last year)

Squirrel-spiration this week came in the form of an ad by the Missouri Quilt Co for their Pumpkin Patch Espresso Ornament Kit. I kept looking at the photo and thinking what a cute mini quilt it would make. With a real "cold" front (50s at night) due here next week, I was perfectly happy to welcome another squirrel invasion, especially since autumn officially starts on Wednesday!

Missouri Quilt Company Ornament Kit

The above photo is Missouri Quilt Co's kit, which is for a 5 inch tall ornament. I wanted a mini that would fit on our bar table, so the easiest conversion for me was to use 2-1/2 inch squares and HSTs. As usual, the most time I spent on this project was choosing scraps!

I wanted to feature a darker leaf against the pumpkin, just like the kit. I used one of my favorite dark brown fabrics for this  - one that I cannot find any more! For the "stem", I found a piece that looked stem-ish.

The backing is a metallic blend, perfect for the metallic thread

For quilting, my first inclination was to use big stitch. But then I found a spool of Superior Metallic in Variegated Gold on my shelf that was perfect. There was a bit of breakage at first, but then I used Superior's suggestion to lower the tension on my Janome to "1" and to use a 90/14 needle, and it sewed flawlessly.

I love this "edible gourd" fussy cut from Carrie Bloomston's Dreamer collection

This table serves as our bar, and the end is the perfect spot for a seasonal mini quilt!

I hope you are doing something fun this weekend!


  1. Apart from the mini quilt (which is wonderful) I LoVe the pumpkin ornament you have on top of it.
    It's Beautiful xox

  2. It is a beautiful Pumpkin mini quilt, Linda. It looks perfect on your table. Love it.

  3. Yes, embrace the squirrels!! Especially one as cute and quick as this one!!!

  4. What a fun and cute little seasonal squirrel! That is the perfect place for it, too. We have been having fall weather here - yesterday was beautiful. Today, however, we are back to humidity and high temps.

  5. What a perfect table topper and a fun squirrel to have tamed.

  6. I am totally in love with this. I really love anything pumpkin, unless it’s actual pumpkin and I don’t particularly care for that. This is adorable, seasonal, and your choice of fabrics is wonderful.

  7. Linda, that is adorable! I can see why the design appealed to you - I love the leaf inside it, too. It's perfect for the bar table, and love the metal pumpkin with it.

  8. Oh … this is cute! The maple leaf 🍁 is a great addition. I love fall qults … :) Pat

  9. Love the the Pumpkin patch. I loved Bailey's Irish Cream Liqueur. I was a social drinker in the '80's, like Happy Hours and going out with the Singles Groups, but gave it all up in 1989. White and Black Russians were so good!!! - but that was when I was young. So have one for me! Those were the fun times. I did a lot of night classes working towards my degree and work, night school, and classes did not mix. Have a couple for me.

    I will say that there are days now that I would love to sit and have a cigarette (quit in 1989) and a big bottle of Jack Daniels to make it through dead brain and giggle box lady, but they are not worth it! LOL LOL. Hugs

  10. Super sweet Autumn table topper, Linda!!

  11. A perfect addition to your autumn décor!


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