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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Pieces of The Santa Fe Trail - Catch Up Blocks

Four of the 10 blocks for Pieces of The Santa Fe Trail

I finally caught up on my blocks for Pieces of The Santa Fe Trail sew-along. This SAL  started in April, and I didn't begin sewing until September, but it was really fun catching up!

I first read about this SAL on Wendy's blog, and after clicking on the link Wendy provided to Melva's blog, Melva Loves Scraps, I found excerpts of the most interesting story "Land Of Enchantment" to accompany the blocks. I began to look forward to more of the story, and finally decided to join the SAL. You can find my first block right here and read more details about the book and the blocks on Melva's blog.

Top row (L-R): Indian Star, Shoo-Fly, Prairie Flower, Grandmother's Block, Comfort of Home
Bottom row (L-R): Kit in the Corner, Snow, Double Nine, Indian Corn, Wagon Trail

Melva's block patterns are really fun, and I truly enjoy choosing fabrics and making these pretty blocks. I've gotten a few pieces turned differently than the pattern, but they still look good!

Indian Corn

Wagon Trail

I am so drawn to this story that is centered around the memoirs of a young girl on the Santa Fe Trail, probably because I've had a love affair with New Mexico since my first visit there with my Mom and Dad at age 16, when we had a glorious few days in Red River. I am really enjoying Melva's block patterns and look forward to the next one!

I am linking this post to the linky party on Melva's blog , where you can find other versions of the Wagon Trail block for October!


  1. I am so glad that you are enjoying the excerpts and the patterns. Your blocks look good. Congrats on getting caught up! Just in time for another one released on Thursday. :)

  2. Your blocks are so lovely! I'm glad you are enjoying the QAL and so glad you joined in!

  3. Those are such pretty blocks - I can see why you've been drawn to them, Linda! I haven't read the story, but maybe I should go back and do that. I love New Mexico, too!

  4. That book sounds like one I would enjoy about the Santa Fe Trail. i went over to Wendy's blog for a moment and looked at her two finishes post and then over to Melva's site for a few moments. Both very interesting. You are such a talented quilter - can't even imagine the time this all takes to make a quilt. How many quilts do you think you have made since you began with quilt making?

    1. Hah not as many as you might imagine Sandy! I just through the completed years in my header and counted quilts plus mini quilts, and the total is 37, plus I have a few pillows and bags thrown in. Thanks for your kind comments. :)

  5. Looking good Linda! Hope all is well! Hugs - peaceful here!


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