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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

To Do Tuesday 10-12-21

Yes it is already Tuesday again! It's time to take stock of accomplishments, gridlocks, changes of direction, squirrels, fun times, experiences with the seam ripper, or anything noteworthy during your past week and let us know what you have planned for next week! Come on and join in the fun and let us get to know one another a little better. The linkup is at the end of this post.

Exploding Heart is sandwiched and ready to quilt!

Here were my ambitious plans for last week:
✅1. Hand stitching at night
2. Santa Fe Trail blocks - nothing
3. Indian Corn blocks - nothing
✅4. Quilt Exploding Heart, DashAlong, and SAHRR - Progress - Exploding Heart sandwiched.

Much of my week was spent texting with our daughter, who is in the early stages of divorce. We are so glad that she has good friends and a caring church family and that we live close enough to provide the extra support she needs during this tough time. She is showing amazing strength and determination in the midst of despair, and we are very proud of her!

What I hope to accomplish this coming week:
1. Quilt Exploding Heart
2. Sandwich DashAlong and SAHRR
3. Start a crocheted neck scarf
4. Do a bit of slow stitch at night.

Now it's time for  you to add your link below and to see what others have been doing and making!

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  1. Some weeks, all you can do is collapse into a comfy chair at night and take a few slow stitches! I do love the glimpse of your Exploding Heart getting ready to be quilted. I hope your daughter is hanging in there, and I bet she is so thankful for her supportive parents and community!

  2. Exploding Heart ready for quilting is going to be so beautiful.
    I went through exactly the same thing with my older daughter...she was devastated as was I. Luckily eventually she and the SIL came out of it friends as we all are today. So while going through it I didn't think that would happen, so very thankful it did. There is hope and I know better days ahead for your dear girl.

  3. I am a great list maker. Ticking things off the list is a completely other story. This is the time of life when we should just relax and do nothing. The fact that you got 50% done is a good thing. I continue to be impressed by the look of your new quilter. I would really like to see a video of that thing in action.

  4. I'm glad to hear that your daughter is dealing with the divorce as well as she can. I'm sure that is taking up more of your thoughts, but I'm glad you have some sewing projects to fill time, too. So fun to see Exploding Heart quilting is done!

  5. Hi,
    Beautiful quilt...can't wait to see it finished.
    Have a great day!

  6. I am looking forward for seeing the finished exploding heart quilt.

  7. Exploding heart is ready for you to have fun! So glad your daughter has lots of support in this very difficult time. OH, and thanks for the link on the sweet!

  8. Anxious to see Exploding Heart all quilted up! Understand about daughters ( or sons for that matter) and divorce! It’s so hard to see your kid in pain! We’ve done that before, more than once! Glad your daughter has a support community! Important in all respects!

  9. I'm an ambitious planner myself but I have to work hard at knowing when to set those aside. The older I get, the easier that gets (for better or worse, I guess!). Prayers for your daughter.

  10. No quilting here! Maybe starting tomorrow. Things in our lives will now be peaceful! Thinking of your daughter and you!

  11. Continuing to hold your daughter up in prayer! Glad she is finding her way. Can't wait to see what you quilt on the hearts top!!

  12. Just curious -- do you have to sandwich your quilt before putting it on your HQ16? Or are you hand quilting it?

  13. Hi Linda! Prayers for your daughter and you, too. It is difficult to go through a divorce for everyone. Good luck with your list this week. Happy Friday! ~smile~ Roseanne


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