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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

To Do Tuesday 10-26-21

Well hey again! Yes it is To Do Tuesday - time to share your past week with others in a linky party. Last week we had 24 bloggers add their links! Join the party and add your post by clicking the link below.

DashAlong is sandwiched!

Here is the list I confidently made last week:
✅1. DashAlong and SAHRR - Progress - DashAlong is sandwiched and ready for Longmire!
✅2. Continue crocheted scarf - Progress - and I'm loving it!
3. Embroidery and big stitch at night - Nope
4. Catch up on Santa Fe Trail blocks - Progress - I chose fabrics for Shoo-Fly block
5. Start Autumn Jubilee QAL - No progress but thinking about it
✅6. Indian Corn quilt - Progress - I made two blocks

Two more Indian Corn blocks

Goals for this coming week:
1. Quilt DashAlong
2. Work on Santa Fe Trail blocks
3. Make more Indian Corn blocks
4. Make Color Challenge Block and post
5. Start on an Autumn Jubilee project
6. Continue to slow stitch or crochet at night

OK you've plodded through my lists, now let's take a look at yours! Please click on the link to add your post and join in the fun!

UPDATE: For some reason my blogsite is not accessing Marsha's linkup, so I am adding a link to her blog right here - go visit and see all the goodness going on there!

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  1. Dash Along is ready for quilting, and the new quilting machine is all the motivation you need, soon it will be done, and it is already another beauty. Progress with Indian Corn is also considerable as for every block 5 smaller blocks are used. Have a wonderful stitching new week, Linda!

  2. Oh I love your Churn Dash piece and Indian Corn blocks! Wishing you a safe and happy week!

  3. The sandwiching step is always a big hump to get over, so yay you! I got a quilt to that point this week, too - finally. Those Indian Corn blocks are really neat, and they look like it would be a good day's work to get one done. A few at a time is great! Happy Tuesday!

  4. Dash Along is looking great - I love those churnies! Those Indian Corn blocks are lovely, too! Fun to see your progress this week!

  5. Wow, that is a big job and now it is done. What a wonderful quilt! And I love those Indian Corn blocks too. I'm interested as they are a new block to me. Happy Stitching Linda!

  6. It's always so nice to reach that completed sandwich step! Have fun quilting DashAlong! Your Indian Corn blocks are lovely Autumn colors. Here's to a pleasant week of quilting!

  7. Hi,
    Your Dash-along is looking good. Love all those pretty colors. And
    the Indian Corn is coming along nicely. Have a great day!

  8. Hi Linda! I am giggling over your description of last week's list! A confident list . . . yup, that's the same kind I always make. Your Dash Along quilt features one of my favorite blocks. And, one that I've never made extensively for some odd reason. Just seeing your layered quilt makes me want to change that situation right this minute. The Indian Corn blocks look like they are a good size! Making two more blocks is great progress. Good luck with your list this week and thank you so much for the fun linky party! ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. Love your Dash along - it will be fun to see it quilted! Good luck with your week - they seem to be busier and busier - so I am finding it is taking me twice as long to get things done.

  10. Congrats on getting Dashalong sandwiched. I’m not a big fan of basting quilts which is another plus for me when I send them out for quilting. Those Indian Corn blocks are really attractive. They remind me of my sister who loved good quality Native American art.

    1. Thank you Mary! I'm actually quilting it now and hope to be finished this week.
      Thanks for the Indian Corn compliment! I just love those blocks. I'm not sure I'll be able to give that quilt away. ;)

  11. Sandwiching and quilting are my downfall....which is why I have so many tops done, and they sit.

    1. Me too Marsha! I have a few in my closet, where I tend to forget about them, then I'm surprised when I see them - lol!

  12. Hi Linda. Your Dash Along is beautiful. I also loved your Minion Exploding Heart quilt but couldn’t post a comment. Great list this week. Good luck on moving projects along.

  13. Your Dash Along is so beautiful. The colors and fabrics are so soothing and inviting. I would love to sleep under this quilt!


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