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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Oklahoma Sunset Quilt

Meet Oklahoma Sunset, named for my home state and my favorite time of day!

Inspiration web photo

This quilt was created from a compilation of influences, starting with the above photo of leaves in an unbelievable array of colors, sparked by squirrel-spiration on Diann's blog, and brought to life through a pattern by Carole at From My Carolina Home.

Although Carole's pattern calls for an additional 3-1/2" outer border, I was aiming for approximately 36" x 36" so I could hang it on the wall, so I stopped with the scrappy border. Carol's PDF patterns for the quilt were in her weekly tutorial posts and were well written and easy to follow. The quilt was part of Carol's Autumn Jubilee, which was a celebration of fall with tablescapes, recipes, embroidery, and all sorts of fun projects. I didn't know about the jubilee until after it started, and now I can't wait for it to start next year!

Mr Quilt Model, showing the backing, expected me to crop him out of the photo, but I love his bald head!

The batik binding perfectly matched several pieces of fabric in the quilt, such as this green Grunge

The colorful batik backing was a serendipitous find at Joann's Fabrics, and it has every color from the front. It even has purple, although it's hard to see in the photo. I also used it for the binding and love how it occasionally matched parts of the scrappy border.

Our entry hall contains a refinished console table that belonged to my mother-in-law. It serves as a decorative "bar" as well as a place to feature seasonal decorating. I've wanted to hang seasonal wall quilts for a long time, and Oklahoma Sunset is the first!

Carole's leaf pattern is a keeper!

Quilt Details for Oklahoma Sunset
From Carole at From My Carolina Home

Finished size
36" x 36"

Front Fabrics
Mostly from scrap bins and partly from stash

Backing and Binding
Joann's Fabrics batik

Piecing: Superior Threads So Fine 50wt - #402 Pearl
Quilting: Superior Threads Magnifico 40wt - #2068 Ingot

Meander stitch on Handi Quilter Simply Sixtten


  1. Oh my! I love it! I like following along with Carole’s Autumn Jubilee! So much fall goodness there!This year it slipped my mind til Diann reminded me, but I didn’t “build” anything. Great wall hanging!

  2. I love your Oklahoma Sunset quilt, Linda! And I love that you left Mister Quilt Model in the photo, too! :-)

  3. Oh lovely! I was thinking it was from the the Autumn Jubilee! Perfect way to make it just your size. That binding is truly perfect with that grunge green - I love when that happens. Great job and a fun finish!

  4. Wow! Oklahoma Sunset is a stunner!

  5. Such a pretty finish - the fabrics are just so perfect for this design. Your quilt model did a great job, by the way - haha!

  6. The color is a gorgeous here, and I love the backing! You are right, the binding worked just perfectly.

  7. Linda, that is gorgeous, and what a perfect spot to hang it, too! I can see lots of 36x36 quilts in your future! Glad I could inspire you, and now I must finish my version. Maybe I need to go back to Joann's and find some of that backing for myself - I love it!

  8. Your wall hanging came out so beautifully! I love the color combinations and wow! You kept all your points! Absolutely lovely! What would we do without our "quilt holders?" :)

  9. I LOVE those colors!! And by the way your entry way is gorgeous! Perfect place for that quilt wall hanging.

  10. Striking. All of my favorite colors. Great place to hang different wall hangings for the Seasons. Loving the cool weather here in Fulton. Heading home today -Inspired to quilt again. Hugs.

  11. Your little quilt is beautiful, I love it. It really looks good hanging there. Autumn Jubilee is always so much fun and inspirational every year.

  12. Oklahoma sunset is beautiful!!! the colors are perfect for fall!


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