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Thursday, December 16, 2021

All Roads Lead Home At Christmas - SAHRR Quilt Finish

This quilt is the result of the Stay At Home Round Robin (SAHRR) hosted by Home Sewn By Us the first part of 2021. During this event, various bloggers suggested borders to add to an initial block of one's choosing.

I chose as my starting block the Lynx Star by Lucky Penny Quilts, and it is a block I made in November 2020 after being inspired by Pieceful Wendy's block. That is the original block in the photo above, and you can read about my process of completing it right here.

The round robin began in January, and every couple of weeks various bloggers posted a suggested border to add. I made it through Round 6 before the quilt size started getting larger than I had intended. I ended up taking off one of the borders I had added because of some flaring issues I had, but I am very happy with the final result. All the suggested borders were lovely, but my favorite was prompted by Chris at Chris Knits, who suggested piano keys!

I found a great panel in my stash for the backing, and I used the quote on it as my quilt name. I pieced it with a dark sparkly snowflake fabric I found at Joann's (see Roseanne, I like sparkly too!) and some of the red checked fabric from the front border. As much as I love the front, the back is my favorite part of the quilt - it's just so cozy!

My "signature" meander quilting (haven't mastered anything else yet!) was done with Longmire, the HQ Simply Sixteen. When we purchased Longmire, the store where we bought it gave me a generous store credit, which I recently applied to the purchase of the Quilt From the Back Kit! This will enable me to use an occasional pantograph for something different, while I (hopefully) master more free motion stitches.

I liked the panel selvage so much, I left it on!

We both love the back so much we decided we needed a Christmas quilt on our bed!

Quilt Details
Main Pattern: Lynx Star by Lucky Penny Quilts (pattern is under revision and is not available at this time)
Finished size: 45" x 49"

Front: Various Christmas fabrics from stash
Back: Holiday Lodge Panel by Deb Strain for Moda and sparkly dark print from Joann Fabrics
Binding: White and off-white sparkly snowflake print from Joann Fabrics

Superior Thread
Piecing: 50wt So Fine Genoa Gray #503
Quilting: 40wt Magnifico Shiver #2164

I hope all your roads lead home at Christmas!


  1. This turned out fabulous! I love the panel you had for the back and that you were able to get that selvedge in! Such fun to use up a block and turn it into something lovely and useful!

  2. Linda, that turned out wonderfully! I love all your fabric and color choices, and such a great idea for the backing, too. Yes, home is the place to be for Christmas. Congratulations on your finish!

  3. Wonderful finish!!! The next one starts in January, be sure to look for the info on our blogs.

  4. Nicely done! Clever to leave the selvedge on. It's too cute. I tend to keep some selvedges and I particularly like the ones with cute designs instead of just circles. I followed several of the quilters working on SAHRR. I wrote all the border ideas down as I have a round robin leftover that a friend & I did. I couldn't decide what to do with mine at one point and just worked on hers. Someday I'll take it out and do something with it...or at least I hope I do!

  5. Great quilt! The backing blends so well with the theme of the quilt top! The kitty cat reminds us of our Ms Kitty from years back! Hugs and have a great week-end!

  6. Beautiful! Beautiful! BEAUTIFUL!!! I love this more than words can say.

  7. Hi Linda! What a super finish for your SAHRR quilt. I love the center - that pinwheel with all those happy polka dots are just so fun. My favorite round was the piano keys, too! I did have fun making the wonky stars, too, and I am definitely NOT a wonky gal. It took me out of my comfort box, that's for sure. HAHA - who doesn't like a good sparkle?!! And snowflakes need a little sparkle in my book. You know, that back IS just as fun as the front. The whole thing looks nice and snuggly. And that panel selvage - too darn cute! We have the next SAHRR starting in January - we were just working on a schedule last night. Merry Christmas to you and your family!! It is just the best having family home for Christmas. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. This quilt finished up so beautifully! I love it, and just in time for Christmas, too! The back is really fun, a perfect touch for this quilt. I will have to send the link for the post to the designers of the Lynx Star - they will enjoy seeing it!

  9. A fantastic finish to your pretty SAHRR. A great use for the panel! I’ll tuck that idea in my book of hints! Happy Holidays to you and family!


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