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Friday, February 4, 2022

The State Of The Sewing Room

Welp, as much as I try to avoid it, it happens every year. A little bit of burnout or maybe just flat laziness occurs. At least I have learned that it is normal, and so this year I just went with it. We have basically been either sick or recovering from being sick for two weeks, the mediation day at our daughter's house took a toll mentally and physically, and then we had a winter storm - I'm sure all of that has a bit to do with my lack of ambition! 

The sun is shining today, so my energy has returned.

Blueberry bread

Although we are not unfamiliar with snow in far north Texas, it is not a frequent occurrence. The main roads are clear but getting to those main roads is made difficult with 2=3 inches of snow on top of layers of ice and sleet, so we are house-bound until the temperature rises enough to melt all that frozen precipitation! It isn't supposed to get above freezing until tomorrow. Many of you call it a Sew Day when it snows, but I just want to bake and cook comfort food - blueberry bread, chili mac and cheese, hot dogs on homemade buns, hot soup and cheesy bread - yum!

This morning I pulled out my SAHRR (Stay At Home Round Robin) block to work on the last two prompts - diamonds and stars. Those diamond shapes are acrylic templates for my Wensleydale quilt by Jen Kingwell, and I might try to use them for this quilt block. As far as stars, I'm not inspired yet. So that one may wait until tomorrow.

I also got fabric ready to catch up with the RBD (Riley Blake Design) Block Challenge. There are now four patterns available, and I have completed two.

Melva of Melva Loves Scraps has started a new row-by-row called Pieces In The Garden, and the stories and blocks are based on the life of her maternal Grandmother Tressie Edith Teegarden. The block for the first row is a bow pattern, and I need to make 12 of the 4-1/2 inch blocks. I'm using scraps and have not pulled fabrics yet, but I think I'll try to stick with smaller feminine prints. I promised Melva I wouldn't grumble about the tiny pieces and to remember to use a "scant" 1/4 inch seam. You can find the first story and pattern here.

Isn't this the most gorgeous wedding photo!

You may recall I was working on a Wedding Quilt for my great-nephew Cody and his new bride Brooklyn. It is still in the needs-to-be-pieced stage. I am using the Exploding Heart pattern by Slice of Pi Quilts (you can read all about the other one I made right here). I messaged Cody that his quilt has been delayed but not to give up on me!

There are a couple of needlework projects as well as a crochet hat sitting next to the sofa waiting for me to pick up at night. As with all my other other projects, they wait patiently.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, doing what you enjoy!


  1. like you we get snow/ice sometimes but not often and then find us home bound for a couple day as everything is an icy mess and if there is not a good reason to be out then why go out. Yesterday I sewed a lot but today I just don't feel like it and have crocheted and listened to an audio book. Maybe I will get in sewing later. Hope you all are feeling better now

  2. I don't blame you for being a little slow to get back in the swing of things! You have lots of good ideas and projects waiting for you when you are ready. Good luck getting back to it, I know you will.

  3. I feel you on the laziness! I have let Squish cover for my laziness lately. I'm not lazy, I rocking the baby!! LOL. Lovely projects all.

  4. I think you have good reason to just ease back into quilting, etc. You've had a lot going on there. I hope your weather shifts soon and melts that layer of ice and snow. Snow isn't so bad, but ice is no fun. You have some fun projects lined up. Will be fun to see where your SAHRR diamonds take you!

  5. Well, do not feel alone Linda!!! I started with the “crud” on New Years Day and then Clay. With Cedar allergies it has made it a little difficult to get out and do the walking. AND no sun down here - it appears the sun lamp does enough to keep me motivated, but until the weather warms up a little, walking might be shorter walks. The sun is out today and for the rest of the coming week. I will start at 15 minutes, but I too lost the desire again to sew. It is coming back as I refuse to just give in. But after all you have been through, I encourage to just take it a day at a time for another week or so. If you feel like working on a quilt - do it - if you feel like sitting in a chair watching a good movie and doing hand work - do it - NOW if you feel like doing nothing then enjoy those hot dogs!!!! I do hope we both can get back to our inspirations that surround us in our quilting rooms. Here’s hoping the sun comes out and melts those troubles away. Hugs always and sending lots of them!

  6. That's the great thing about quilting and stitching projects - they are always there waiting patiently for you! It's fun to see what you've got in the line-up. Those Riley Blake blocks are such pretty ones - I'll enjoy seeing your next ones. I need to work on my RR today, too.

  7. Take good care of yourself, Linda. We don’t have to go, go, go all the time. That blueberry loaf looks absolutely delicious. It sounds like you’re been making some wonderful things in your kitchen.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Mary! I could have eaten most of that loaf in one sitting - lol!

  8. Sometimes you just have to take a break and do something else. Hopefully your stitching mojo is back and you've made great inroads on all your projects.

  9. That blueberry bread looks delicious. I love all of those fabrics that you have chosen for future blocks. I hope everyone stayed safe during the snow and ice. I hope you finish the exploding heart quilt soon.

  10. I certainly lose my sewing mojo a couple of times a year. It goes with the territory. WE do have lives outside of our hobby.

    Yes, the wedding photo is so pretty.

  11. The snow photos are pretty as is the wedding photo. The blueberry bread looks delish! I have everything I need to make one but I got distracted by orange-cranberry scones. You have plenty of nice projects to work on when you feel like it.

  12. Oh Linda, that blueberry bread looks delicious. Thanks for the link for Melva Row by row. The fabrics you chose for this project are beautiful. I will enjoy seeing your progress.

  13. Who doesn’t get burn out? This time of the year, particularly if you have snow on the ground and are a bit isolated from it, can often be the worst. I felt that way for a while, but once it warmed up a bit and I saw those blue skies, I felt much better.


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