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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

To Do Tuesday 3-22-22

Welcome to To Do Tuesday, where we join our friends to review our activities for the past week and share our plans for the coming week. If you are new to this event, Welcome! and click on the couple above for more details. For those of you who schedule your posts early, TDT opens each Tuesday at 12:01AM and closes the following Monday at 11:59PM. Join us below by clicking on the link button!

If only we could all have this much fun on moving days!

We had to take the dogs since we were gone all day!

My plans last week included helping our daughter move to another house, as her divorce was final last week. We took care of little Everett while his sister was in school. My husband went back and forth between the houses taking care of things like the dryer vent hose and setting up her internet, while I unloaded a few boxes of pantry items. Her new place is only 2-1/2 miles from the old house, so at least the move was quick!

Riley Blake Design blocks #7, #8, #9

My list from last week:
❌1. Wedding Quilt - Sadly, no
✅2. RBD quilt challenge blocks catch up = Done and pictured above
✅3. Help our daughter move on Friday - Done, although she continued to move boxes through the weekend as she packed them
✅4. SAHRR Parade Day 3-21-22 - Done and posted here

This coming week is simple:
1. Wedding quilt
2. Help our daughter square away a few things at her house on Saturday

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  1. How wonderful you and your husband was able to help your daughter as she moved. Moving is quite a job. Your grandbaby is adorable. Your blocks look amazing too. Thank you for hosting the link party. Have a lovely week.

  2. Great to see the children just chilling out. Great Riley Blake blocks. Love that tartan.

  3. Moving is never easy, but it looks like you made good progress on that front. Hopefully now that things are final, your daughter's load will be lighter. Good luck with this week's list.

  4. Your little guy looks like he was having fun! The Riley Blake blocks are so pretty - I'm always impressed with those. I saw that Texas was having storms and even tornados yesterday. Hope it wasn't too heavy at your house. Thanks for hosting us, Linda!

  5. nice that you were able to help your daughter out with her move - always nice that it was not a long distance to go - so much harder if you have to take several days to do it -- hope they will adjust to their new place easily.

  6. So good you and your husband could help your daughter as she moved.
    Your blocks looks beautiful, Linda!
    Have a great week!

  7. It's great you were able to help your daughter and it's always great to spend time with the grands - even if it is during a move! Nice Riley Blake blocks! Have fun with your list this week.

  8. Your Riley Blake blocks are looking great. I’m not much a mover, even the furniture in my house if I can help it!

    1. Thank you Mary! Fortunately our daughter did hire movers, but as you know there were still odds and ends that her Dad helped her with.

  9. Sounds like last week was highly successful! Super nice when that happens. Love your projects. Thank you so much for hosting To Do Tuesday and taking the time to drop by and leave encouraging words. Have a great week!!!

  10. I sure hope the move went smoothly and she gets settled in easily. Looks like you got the best part of the job, watching the kiddos!

  11. I hope your daughter and her kiddos settle in easily. That was a good use of your Christmas block for SAHRR. Thanks for hosting TDT!

  12. So glad you are there to help your daughter with this period of transition. Little man must have been happy to get more time with you. I’ve got no post this week, but I am trying to read blog posts.


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