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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

To Do Tuesday 4-26-22

It's time to link up your lists for To Do Tuesday! Can you believe it is the last Tuesday in April? Wow that went fast! If this is your first time reading about To Do Tuesday and you'd like more information, everything you need to know may be found by clicking on the young couple above.

Pieces In The Garden blocks so far

My goals for last week:
❌1. Wedding quilt - Nothing done
✅2. RBD block - Done and posted here on Instagram
✅3. Pieces in the Garden Bachelor blocks - 8 done and 4 left to make for April - see photo above

I was able to sell my Janome and table last week! I took some good advice from Wendy and posted it on Facebook Marketplace, adding it to several local Facebook groups, and a lady contacted me on Friday. Imagine my surprise when she mentioned my hometown and a mutual acquaintance, so we had a fun conversation while she was testing the machine. Although it is a big relief to have Janice Janome sold, I might have kept her around if I had a bigger sewing space!

Indian Corn has been waiting to be finished for months!

I've got some goals in mind for this coming week:
1. Get busy on the Wedding Quilt
2. Do some squirrel sewing
3. Finish quilting Indian Corn (See above - this is a quilt I wanted to have finished for Thanksgiving last year and ran out of gold thread before I finished quilting it!)
4. Finish Pieces In The Garden blocks and do a post

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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

To Do Tuesday 4-19-22

Good Tuesday morning, and welcome to To Do Tuesday - a time for you to review your goals from last week and share with other bloggers about your plans for the upcoming week. If you are new to this event, just click on the logo above for more information.

Riley Blake Design challenge block "Argyle Square" by Melanie Collette of Hello Melly Designs

Last week I had a very basic list:
✅1. Wedding Quilt - Not much done but a little bit of progress
✅2. RBD challenge block - Done and pictured above

New popcorn popper!

Along with two doctor appointments this past week, we also made a trip to pick up my repaired (and soon to be sold) Janome, then over to help our daughter do a few things at her house and take our granddaughter a birthday gift for her 6th birthday. My husband purchased a popcorn popper for all of them for their new place! The first batch was a success. She moved only 3 miles from her ex to stay close to our granddaughter's school, and so far shared custody is going well.

This week will be more of the same:
1. Wedding quilt
2. RBD block
3. Pieces in the Garden Bachelor blocks

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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

To Do Tuesday 4-12-22

It's time for To Do Tuesday, where we share with other bloggers about the weekly status quo of our goals and activities! Join in by clicking the link at the end of the post. If you need more information, click the couple above. Don't have your post ready yet? No problem - the linkup closes next Monday at 11:59PM, so you have plenty of time.

Riley Blake Design Block Challenge - "Pop Star"

Last week these were my goals:
❌1. Work on Wedding Quilt - Nothing accomplished
✅2. Work in gardens - Done - we spread 18 bags of mulch in the front beds
✅3. RBD challenge block - Done - see block above
❌4. Pieces in the Garden blocks - Nothing accomplished
✅5. Play with my new Necchi sewing machine! - Done, and enjoying it!

I did a few more things last week that you can read about in this post right here!

With upcoming doctor appointments and a 100 miles round trip to pick up my Janome, I'm keeping it simple for the coming week:
1. Wedding Quilt
2. RBD challenge block

Now it's time to add your link and go visit other blogs for inspiration! But visit at your own risk. I found a squirrel last week on Deb's blog, A Scrappy Quilter, in the form of a book I just had to order!

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Monday, April 11, 2022

April "Nap"penings

For some reason, the month of April has always made me want to nap. Just so you won't think it's age thing, even as a kid during the spring I would lie down on the grass in the sun and just nap and day dream. Of course now I can't lie down in the grass because I'm allergic to chiggers! Sometimes I'll just take a book outside to the patio and sit in the sun, but I usually start nodding, so very little reading gets done. All this drowsiness makes for accomplishing very little, but here are a few things that happened last week.

Here is the prize I won from Roseanne's 5th Blogiversary. It is a needle minder - full of nice self-threading needles - and a sweet pair of scissors! Thank you Roseanne!

This is my second year participating in the Riley Blake Design block challenge. These are the 11 blocks made so far. See the newest one below, "Pop Star" by Heather Peterson of Anka's Treasures.

Pop Star

"Baking" in big sister's apron

My daughter texted me a photo of our grandson wearing his big sister's butterfly apron that I made in 2019 and said "I think Everett needs his own apron!"

I used some plaid from one of his Papaw's old shirts and some denim-ish fabric to make a reversible apron with pockets on both sides.

It's still a bit big, but he will grow into it!

We bought mulch on sale at Lowe's and spread 18 bags of it in our front beds. We bought a new azalea (in front) to replace one we lost, and then realized we need to fertilize the existing pale-leafed azaleas. A few of our plants did not make it through the winter, so we need to choose some new flowering plants this week.

DIY Guy made me this desk for my new Necchi, since I will be selling the
Janome with the table. He made it the perfect height!

This book arrived this morning. I blame the purchase of it on Deb at A Scrappy Quilter, who made a pretty quilt from one of the patterns featured in the book.

I hope you are enjoying your April!

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

To Do Tuesday 4-5-22

It's time for To Do Tuesday on this first Tuesday in April! Bluebonnets are peeking out south of us, and here in north Texas we are seeing some hints of green on our trees. Has spring arrived yet in your area?

The To Do Tuesday linkup is open for anyone to link up a post on goals or aspirations or hopes and dreams! The link is open from 12:01AM on Tuesdays to 11:59PM on Mondays. Please click the spring-ready couple above for more information.

Pieces In The Garden Bachelor Block - one down and 11 to go!

Last week I had these goals in mind:
✔1. Continue to work on Wedding Quilt - Very little progress
2. Get plants for front garden beds and work on back yard veggie and flower gardens - Nothing done
3. RBD challenge block - Oops - I forgot there is no block on the 4th Tuesday
✅4. Pieces in the Garden blocks - I pulled fabric for the next block, which is a Bachelor block, and made one block
✅5. Help daughter with a few odds and ends on Saturday - We helped her put together a bunk bed for our granddaughter's room. It took about 3 hours, and it was actually fun!

This coming week I would like to accomplish:
1. Work on Wedding Quilt
2. Work in gardens
3. RBD challenge block
4. Pieces in the Garden blocks
5. Play with my new Necchi sewing machine! You can read about it right here.

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Monday, April 4, 2022

New Sewing Machine!

My new Necchi with extension table

A few weeks ago my Janome sewing machine started making funny noises. After careful examination, I determined that a piece of metal that is supposed to sit above the bobbin case was lying on top of it. My stitches were fine, but the noise! On Saturday on our way to our daughter's house, we took the Janome to the same place that serviced it last October. The owner determined that a spring had broken, and to fix it will take a few days. 

Above is a photo of my Janome taken (in our old house) right after I bought it used in 2017. I love the wide throat and nice sewing table that came with it, but I have always had minor issues with it and had been thinking about selling it to purchase a more basic Janome like the one I used to own. Now that I have a longarm for quilting, the wide throat is not a necessity for me.

Necchi in the store waiting for me to buy it!

While we were waiting for the owner to write up a repair ticket, I asked him what he thought about my model of Janome (7700 QCP), and he said "it's a good machine but temperamental." I asked for his recommendation of a good basic machine, and he showed me a Necchi NC-204D. He told me the Necchi brand originated in Italy and that it is his most popular machine and that he sells so many he can hardly keep them in stock. Then he told me if I wanted it he would discount it by the cost of repairing my Janome. My husband said "Go for it!" and yes I brought it home!

Once we get my Janome back from the repair shop, I will sell it and figure out what kind of table to get for my new toy. In the meantime, the Necchi sews like a dream, and I don't miss the Janome issues!

I am linking with Joy's Monday This and That!