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Monday, April 11, 2022

April "Nap"penings

For some reason, the month of April has always made me want to nap. Just so you won't think it's age thing, even as a kid during the spring I would lie down on the grass in the sun and just nap and day dream. Of course now I can't lie down in the grass because I'm allergic to chiggers! Sometimes I'll just take a book outside to the patio and sit in the sun, but I usually start nodding, so very little reading gets done. All this drowsiness makes for accomplishing very little, but here are a few things that happened last week.

Here is the prize I won from Roseanne's 5th Blogiversary. It is a needle minder - full of nice self-threading needles - and a sweet pair of scissors! Thank you Roseanne!

This is my second year participating in the Riley Blake Design block challenge. These are the 11 blocks made so far. See the newest one below, "Pop Star" by Heather Peterson of Anka's Treasures.

Pop Star

"Baking" in big sister's apron

My daughter texted me a photo of our grandson wearing his big sister's butterfly apron that I made in 2019 and said "I think Everett needs his own apron!"

I used some plaid from one of his Papaw's old shirts and some denim-ish fabric to make a reversible apron with pockets on both sides.

It's still a bit big, but he will grow into it!

We bought mulch on sale at Lowe's and spread 18 bags of it in our front beds. We bought a new azalea (in front) to replace one we lost, and then realized we need to fertilize the existing pale-leafed azaleas. A few of our plants did not make it through the winter, so we need to choose some new flowering plants this week.

DIY Guy made me this desk for my new Necchi, since I will be selling the
Janome with the table. He made it the perfect height!

This book arrived this morning. I blame the purchase of it on Deb at A Scrappy Quilter, who made a pretty quilt from one of the patterns featured in the book.

I hope you are enjoying your April!


  1. I hope your new plants will be strong - I have 3 azalea's I am thinking I will need to replace as they were severely damaged in the late freezing spell we had in 2021 I had hoped this year they would be ok but they still look bad. Sure is a cute grandson!

  2. Enjoyed the whole post, especially your adorable grandson and that apron. Love the blocks you have done and I hadn't read before someone who described spring the same way I feel. It's like I want to enjoy what nature is doing and I do, but sometimes nodding off and taking a quick nap really is needed. That's funny about the mulch. My husband and youngest son who lives down the mountain needed his dad's help and they must have bought least 20 or more bags of mulch to do what you are doing. He lives in an HOA type place where they have certain rules about front yards and people have to keep them looking good. They got busy cleaning everything up and laying mulch and i helped inside the house. My son is a single dad and works a lot of hours as a chef at a casino. He always appreciates the help.

    1. Yes that's exactly how I feel - I want to do things but end up napping instead. Sounds like your son has a very interesting job! I didn't realize there were casinos around your area. Thanks for visiting Sandy!

  3. Oh my Gosh, look that blog smile on grandson face!!!! Lovely

  4. Somehow I missed this post yesterday! Looks like you've been busy, Linda! I love how your hubby can just whip up a sewing desk for your new machine. (Just like you whipped up the apron for your cute little grandson!) Lots of work in the yard, too. We've been doing that, too, whenever the weather is nice enough. Have fun with your gardening this year!

  5. I am always surprised by my garden and what comes back and what doesn't. That is a perfect apron and what a great smile! He is obviously pleased to be wearing it.


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