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Monday, June 20, 2022

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I love to read in the afternoons with a glass of white zin!

Today I've decided to join Kathryn at The Book Date for It's Monday! What Are You Reading? This is a linky to share what you have been reading as well as your plans for future reading.

Many years ago I read a series of mysteries by Tony Hillerman about Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee of the Navajo Tribal Police. These books are set in the beautiful southwestern US, an area I have visited many times, so I love reading about this beloved locale. Hillerman lives in New Mexico and writes with a familiar hand about Indian culture and customs, landscapes, and landmarks.

Recently a TV series called Skinwalkers: The Navajo Mysteries premiered with the first episode Dark Winds. I was not enthused about the casting and screenwriting, and we decided not to pay for AMC Plus, so I am rereading the books instead.

Original book cover of The Blessing Way

I started with the first book in the series, The Blessing Way, which was published in 1970. There are no cell phones, Google, or online databases for detective work in this book, and although this first book is not as good as the later books in the series, Navajo witches, Anasazi pueblos, petroglyphs, and flawed characters keep it interesting. I had forgotten how much I love these books and am really looking forward to a new journey through this series!

I am linking this post to It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?


  1. my sister used to read that author all the time but I never could get into it. Right now I am listening to a stand alone audio book by Karin Slaughter - I normally like her books that are in her two series but this one is not getting me - I might delete it and try another it is called "False Witness" and am also reading a paperback from Erica Spindler that I am almost finished with call "Break Neck"

  2. I devoured these Tony Hillarman books ages ago. If you like them you might like Thomas King's DreadfulWater mystery series. He wrote the first of them under the pseudonym, Hartley GoodWeather.

  3. I loved those books! My dad introduced me to Tony Hillerman, so now the books remind me of him. Did you know his daughter, Anne Hillerman, has taken over the series and has written more books using the main characters? They're good, too. I'll have to check out this link-up!

  4. Wow, Hillerman is a name from the past. I think that I have only read one of his books. As I recall, I enjoyed it, so I’m not sure why I didn’t read more. I suppose it’s because I have so many things to read. I like this Monday link-up. I think I may join at some point in the future. I always have a book going whether it’s a novel, how-to book, cookbook, or whatever. Pattie

  5. The series sounds really good, even though I don't live in the USA I like books that give insight in to the Native American experience. Love the quilt and the wine!! Both go well with books. Thanks for joining in.

  6. Thanks for this post - I'm going to add these to my list!

  7. I have all of the paperback Tony H books. Used to read them all the time. Maybe I need to take a day and sit under the fan on the porch and read one of his books. Hugs


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