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Thursday, January 19, 2023

I Like Thursdays 1-19-23

Celebrating good news! L-R: Grandson, DIL, son

Joining today with LeeAnna and other positive bloggers! My first like is a big one. Our daughter-in-law recently had a diagnosis of a small carcinoma in one of her breasts. Another area of concern was found during an MRI biopsy, and so she had an ultrasound biopsy. Yesterday she received a phone call from her oncologist, and the second area of concern is benign! Although she still faces surgery, she and my son are very relieved that the prognosis is so much brighter.

I like that our daughter is happy, maybe truly happy for the first time in any relationship. Here she is with her new beau who she met in her divorce group at church. They are attending church together and enjoying play dates together with their kids. We are having lunch with them on Saturday. He has already texted us that he is looking forward to meeting us and told us what an amazing daughter we have!

I like that God cares about our pets. A couple of weeks ago, my big ginger boy Jack Nicklaus had some tummy issues, and I was quite worried about him for a couple of days, to the point I was awake at night praying for him and down on the floor looking under the bed to check on him. Whatever it was righted itself, and he is back to his normal state of crying for attention and lying down on whatever I am working on in the sewing room.

LeeAnna's prompt for the week was this: Do you make lists? How do you do them, on your phone or a scrap of paper, or some other system?

Well the answer is YES! Lists make me happy and many of them are on Excel spreadsheets, which makes me even happier. In fact I have a folder on my desktop labeled "Spreadsheets and Lists" (see above photo.) I also have a small binder on my real desk in which I write down some of my project details and information about books I'm reading. And I have sticky notes scattered around the house!

Here is a "list" of just a smattering of my lists:
1. Weekly grocery list
2. Thanksgiving/Christmas To Do List
3. Daily temperature and precipitation lists
4. Song list
5. Former residences addresses list (we have lived in 19 homes starting with a tiny apartment when we married in 1969)
6. Various NCAA football lists
7. Projects for my husband
8. New recipes to try
9. Holiday menus
10. Projects lists

How about you, do you likes lists? If so, what is your "system"?


  1. Hooray for good news, for both of your kids! Your daughter does look very happy! I'm sorry you were so worried about Jack, too, but glad he's better. That is a cute photo with his tail in your project box. My husband is a spreadsheet guy - he makes them for everything. When I had to keep track of my blood pressure on a daily basis for a couple months, he offered to make me a spreadsheet for that! Happy Thursday!

  2. glad to hear your daughter in law has a little less to face in medical issues - good luck to her. I keep list all over the place. The grocery list is on an ap on the phone - appointments are written down on a calendar on top the microwave -

  3. So glad you DIL got some good news. I like your lists, though I'm not a list maker in general. I am a big fan of Excel and have many spreadsheets with lots of metrics. Have a great week and happy stitching.

  4. You have a great list of likes today!! Yay for DIL and her benign state, and Yay for daughter - things like that just make our hearts so happy!!! Enjoy your lists...could you make a grocery list for me? one that I can stick to haha!!!

  5. I enjoyed all your lists! When I can't find something on the computer, I should come to you for training on setting up and finding again my spreadsheets! Good for your daughter, I was older by the time I found my husband, we have been together 28 years now, and counting. As to your DIL, thank goodness she caught it. What a pretty family you have

  6. So wonderful to see prayers answered!

  7. So pleased for the bit of ease in the diagnosis of the second spot as benign! Glad your daughter has found someone...may it continue to be a blessing. Glad Jack N righted himself - funny how animals can do that with a quiet day or two...but it does worry us! Yes lists....on paper and computer!

  8. That's good family news. I have a big family and it's always encouraging when things are working out for them. I make lists. I have little notepads and write things down all the time. I made a list of photos to work on today! Happy Thursday!

  9. Praise the Lord for good news! We have a friend who also got back good news on her breast cancer. God answers prayers. And Lists, oh my do I love Lists!!! LOL

  10. Hi Linda! What fabulous news for your DIL. Gosh, I can imagine the weight lifted off her shoulders and your son's, too. And what wonderful news about your daughter! She does have a truly happy smile in her photo. How fabulous that you get to meet him, and that he is so welcoming via text. I hope it works out the way it should for both of them. Yay for Jack feeling better! I would have been praying for him, too! HAHA - a list of lists. I love it and I also love lists. I have a few on my phone, some on paper, and a few in my head. Writing them, whether on paper or on a computer/phone works best for me. Even if I forget to bring the list with me, I can almost always picture it and can remember what's on it. Happy Thursday, friend. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  11. Good news all around! Wishing your DIL Godspeed in her “journey”! And hope that the relationship your DD is in continues to be a positive one! I think you are better at lists than I am! Wowza! That’s awesome!

  12. I'm so glad to see all this happy news! Thanking the Lord with you for His blessings... Yes, you know me - lists EVERYWHERE and on ANYTHING!!! xx

  13. What a happy post to read this morning. So happy to hear of your family's blessings!! Also, glad that your fur-baby is feeling better. I have lists but I haven't been so good with them lately. Hoping to be better about it soon as I feel that is the only way I can stay productive and focused. I use paper and electronic lists.

  14. Good news for your daughter in law, daughter, and sweet kitty <3 Sending prayers and good wishes that your daughter's relationship continues to grow and thrive - attending church together is a good sign to me. My son (turning 30 in a few weeks) is finally in a healthy relationship and his girlfriend is a good influence on him. I love lists, and even though I'm a techie (software professional), I love them on paper, lol. There is something satisfying about drawing lines through things as I get them done and seeing a piece of paper with everything crossed out makes me very happy. Happy Friday and happy weekend!

  15. Good news day for sure! While reading your list, I had to laugh, while opening a present from my quilting friend a note fell out saving to keep track of all your UFOS, projects and ideas. The nicest project journal ever! My cat Rudy, who loves to eat, stopped eating for two days, so to the vet for a checkup and we were given a tube of medicine to help him with hairballs. A couple of doses and he was back to his old self! Happy to hear ginger boy is healthy again.

  16. What great pictures of your son and Daughter! So happy for your DIL and especially happy for your daughter - what a handsome couple they make! Happiness is Thursdays!

  17. Hurrah for your daughter and daughter-in-law! You must feel quite happy and relieved. Best wishes.

  18. That RBD block is gorgeous, Linda.
    Meanwhile, hope the good news continues for your DIL and her outcome is perfect. Also thrilled for your daughter to have met such a fine fellow! He sounds like a keeper, as they say. They are a lovely couple for sure. Enjoy your Saturday.

  19. I’m glad your d-i-l got some good news on her cancer prognosis, and I’m also glad to hear your daughter is in a relationship that brings her happiness. He sounds like a great guy, and we moms want our kids to be happy. As for lists, I’m not that organized…..I make some because it makes life easier, but it does not come naturally to me. Oh! You could use your temperature list to make a temperature quilt!

    1. Thank you Carolyn! I could use those temperatures for a quilt, right? I have thought about it - may have to put it on my To Do list!


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