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Thursday, April 27, 2023

I Like Thursdays 4-27-23

I like my kitties! Toby is the "bather" and sometimes the others like it (sometimes not so much!)

Today I am joining LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color to list my likes for the week! This morning is reconstructive surgery on my nose, and I like having having good dermatologists and surgeons nearby. We are only about 15 minutes away from the hospital, so we won't have the stress of traffic.

LeeAnna has such fun prompts for our posts. This one made me think:

Do you speak more than one language? What was is like to learn it? Is
there a language you'd like to learn, please tell us why. Are there words in other languages that sound fun to you, or even English words that you like and make you happy? 

I had two Spanish classes in high school, and that was it for languages. I enjoyed it because Spanish alphabet is more definitive than our English one, and words are pronounced one way instead of so many variations. There is a language I would like to learn, but it is actually English with a dialect called "Scots", and 1.5 million Scots claimed to speak it in 2011. My husband relies on me to interpret words spoken with British and Scottish accents on television - lol! I do have 25% Scottish DNA, so of course I want to sound like a native!

Let me know in the comments if you are knowledgeable or fluent in or want to learn a language, and be sure to check out other affirmative posts at LeeAnna;s blog.


  1. Your kitties are so cute! I never understood why we had to learn a second language in order to go to college. Then when I got in grad school I found out, I actually needed to read French to prepare for my qualifier exam. Scotsmen are hard to follow if they've got a heavy brogue. My Guy used to work internationally a lot and they were always the hardest to understand.

  2. Best wishes for the surgery and recovery!

  3. I had a Scottish woman in my French class in Canada! I could listen to her all day. Is it Celtish they speak? I have to turn on subtitles with some of the British shows we watch... especially the Aussies!
    Loved the kittens... one is the bather... how kind of him, does he get more hairballs?
    I just did some cat art, and a friend said, "but you're a dog person" and I laughed, I'm a cat and dog (and elephant, and donkey, and flamingo and...) person, I'm just reactive allergicly to cats. sad.
    hope your nose is fixed up perfectly. My husband has to get a corneal treatment tomorrow, a lens to sit on his eyeball with film in it, and I do not think it's going to be a peaceful week at all. I'm worried about it, but the doctor said his eye will not recover on it's own.
    it's always something isn't it?

  4. Hope everything went well this morning, Linda! Thinking about you today. I love the Scottish accent, and wish I could speak that way, too. We have to put the close captions on when we watch British or Scottish shows, otherwise we miss too much!

  5. I wonder if you are an Outlander fan? I could listen to Jamie talk all day long! Doesn’t hurt that he is so pretty to look at! Hope you are feeling well today after your medical procedure! And now it’s all over but the “healin”!

  6. Linda, best wishes for a successful surgery. I hope it goes very well.

    1. Thank you - everything went smoothly, and I'm sore but happy. :)

  7. Pretty kitties. We watch so much British TV - I'm getting better to understand the accents, but I'll never be able to mimic them!

  8. Just read in the comments that your surgery went well. Happy Healing! Meanwhile, I love the fabric pull you showed in the last post. Great patterns to be sewing. I love the accents from the British Isles or any accents for that matter. Us Newfoundlanders are known for our accents, mostly influenced by the Irish. I can mimic the Irish accent pretty good.

  9. LOL - watch Outlander and learn "Scots" it is amazing how many words I have learned from that show

  10. Good luck with your surgery. I know you are in good hands. Scottish would be fun to learn! I have Welsh in my background, as well as Irish. Welsh and Gaelic are both intimidating, but maybe...

  11. I took one semester of Spanish in high school and got a "D" in the class. Obviously, I'm not fluent in Spanish at all. We have to use closed caption on those British shows, but I love watching them. It is great to have good doctors close by, for sure! Hopefully all went well with your reconstructive surgery. xo


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