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Monday, April 3, 2023

Turn The Beat Around - Cross My Heart Quilt Finish

Turn The Beat Around quilt finish - it was very windy!

Here is my finish of the Cross My Heart pattern by Wendy Sheppard. While I was putting my completed blocks on the design wall, I forgot to turn a couple of the heart blocks upside down, and a song lyric came to me -"Turn it upside down" from the Gloria Estefan song Turn The Beat Around and suddenly I had the perfect name for this quilt!

Inside shot - no wind here!

My dear quilt holder's arms were beginning to ache!

Wendy's pattern version

I first saw this quilt mentioned on Wendy's Instagram feed, and the pattern was in the February 2023 edition of  American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. Wendy and APQ hosted a sew-along, and I was in! I had been looking for a pattern to make for my daughter-in-law and loved this one, especially with those little 9-patch units and the upside down hearts.

Fabric pull: with my DIL's love of eggplant-y purples and soft tones,
I decided on a rich dark purple background with light prints for the hearts.


Backing and front

For the binding, the same dark background and a small zig-zag with variegated thread to stitch it

Close up of Ginger Heart panto

After laundering, the dark purple had a slight fade into a denim-like look, and Rosie approved!

On Saturday, our grandson and his girlfriend participated in a race and finished the half marathon! Afterward we met them, along with Susan and our son and granddaughters at an Icehouse near downtown Dallas. It was a beautiful 72 degrees, no wind, and we sat outside shaded by live oaks.

Susan loved her quilt and called it a "blanket" - lol! She was very happy with the colors.

This is the text she sent me after she got home, and her cat Cali has already claimed it!

Quilt Details
Pattern: Cross My Heart by Wendy Sheppard of Ivory Spring and Instagram @ivory_spring
Finished Size: 69" by 69"
Laundered Size: 66" by 66"

Eggplant background and binding: Joann's Fabrics
Hearts and 9-patches: from my stash

Superior Threads:
Piecing and quilt front/back: So Fine 50wt - Genoa Gray #503
Binding: Rainbows 40wt - Desert Rose #80

Quilt Pantograph:
Ginger Hearts from Urban Elementz

I am linking up with Melva's Sew and Tell and Brenda's Monday Musings.


  1. The quilt is beautiful! Such a sweet quilt! Happy stitching!

  2. Beautiful quilt! I like the name, and where it came from. My son is Regan. It's Celtic for Kingly Leader. He doesn't get to be king, though. LOL How nice that Susan's cat agrees it's a great quilt!

  3. Oh, Linda, that is gorgeous! Seeing your finished picture made MY heart beat a little faster! I love the lighter hearts against the eggplant background - that's not a color I would ever have thought to even try. Your quilting is amazing, too - you're getting so good at that! Cross My Heart is a lovely gift for your DIL - I know she will get a lot of comfort from it.

  4. What a great quilt, Linda! And isn't it great to have the pet seal of approval?!! Alas, it does get under my skin when people call a quilt a blanket! LOL I just say bless their heart, and move on...if I can hold my tongue!! LOL Thanks for linking up with Monday Musings. I really love this pattern by Wendy.

  5. Absolutely fabulous, Linda! That is a cool pattern. Beautiful!

  6. What a beautiful quilt gift!!! I adore your color scheme, Linda!!! Happy ending to your story, too!

  7. Your new quilt looks fantastic. What a wonderful finish and I'm glad that your daughter loves it too.

  8. I loved hearing the story about how you chose the fabrics for Susan's quilt. Sounds like you know her well. I'm glad she is doing well and that she love the "blanket". :). I hope Cali will learn to share it with her!
    BTW, thanks for the pound cake recipe in your Thursday post. I definitely want to try it. And I'm going to check out your Mom's Orange Buttermilk Salad. My mom had a special orange jello salad too. I made it for your Sunday Birthday Party Bash. No buttermilk, mandarin oranges and crusted pineapple. The secret ingredient listed in her recipe is unavailable these days. I still haven't found the perfect substitute.

  9. Cross My Heart has turned out so well and now loved by the recipient already - plus the cat, its funny how they have to be close to the first to try them out!

  10. Our cats just have to claim our project for their own!

  11. I instantly started singing that song just when I saw your blog title LOL. The quilt is gorgeous. I love the colors and the heart quilting is perfect for it. I hope your DIL is doing well.

  12. That is a beautiful quilt!!! and what fun - to watch runners haha!! I tease, I used to love to run, but now I love to watch!!! So glad she loved her quilt - you made her day!!!

  13. It's beautiful, what a wonderful finish!

  14. Love it. <3 I still cringe when I hear someone refer to a quilt as a blanket. I think I have gotten better at not showing my real feelings on my face, but inside... LOL! Thanks for sharing on Sew & Tell

  15. It looks amazing! What a cute pattern.


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