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Monday, December 28, 2020

Crock Pot Quilts and 2021 Goals


We all have them - quilts that start off as projects and become one of the following: UFOs (Unfinished Objects), PHDs (Projects Half Done), PIGS, (Projects in Grocery Sacks), WIPs (Works in Progress), WISP (Works in Slow Progress), or the worst of fates: WOMBAT (Waste of Money, Batting, and Time). All these terms give me a chuckle when I read about them.

My storage area has a few, and I've decided to coin my own term for them: CPQs or Crock Pot Quilts. These are quilts that are on "slow-cook" and will be "done" at some point in time. Working on these projects will be my goal for 2021. I'm sure I will succumb to the siren call of a rogue quilt-along, but I really want to finish at least a quilt or two from this group of UFOs.

Bear with me as I document them on this post to serve as my reference point. Feel free to click on the links I've included, which are either previous posts about them or links to the patterns. They are in random order, and my oldest Crock Pot Quilt is from 2014!

Crochet Quilt - started in 2019, pattern by Joanna Figueroa; all pieces cut, four blocks completed

Lost Stars Quilt - started in 2020 as a quilt my husband quickly claimed, inspired by blocks made by @pamalamajodesigns on Instagram; 25 6-inch blocks completed; final size TBD

Butterfly Garden Quilt - started in 2019 as my entry in the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year Quilt Challenge; pattern Home Awaits by Busy Hands Quilts; flimsy completed.

Guns and Roses -  started in 2019 in an Instagram QAL; pattern Meadowland by Then Came June; flimsy completed. Intended as a quilt for our living room.

Math Class Quilt - started in 2014 (!) intended as a Christmas gift for my daughter; pattern Math Class by Sweetwater; pieces cut, a few blocks completed

Elizabeth's Dowry Quilt - started in 2018, originally intended as a quilt for our bed; pattern Elizabeth's Dowry by Marcus Fabrics; fabrics are vintage-y and not in line with our current bedroom style, but I still might use it on the bed.

Quilty Stars - started in 2019, pattern Quilty Stars by Emily Dennis; HSTs cut and waiting to be trimmed.

Antique Quilt Revival - purchased an older quilt in antique store for $25.00 in 2018; plan to restore it.

Craftsman - started in 2018 as a quilt for my DIY husband; fabrics feature tools; I would very much like to finish this one and present it to him!

Farm Girl Vintage - started in 2015 as a QAL; blocks are from Farm Girl Vintage book by Lori Holt; blocks are complete and need sashing. My daughter wants this one.

Lone Star Flag Quilt - started in 2017 as a surprise for my husband; pattern Lone Star Flag purchased from Lisa at Aspen Tree Shop, which is no longer online but I found her on Instagram as @thingsherelately; all pieces cut, and I had them all laid out to begin piecing and have no idea why I put them away.

This list is by no means complete, but it is a good start for me! What are your goals for 2021?


  1. That meme--haha! I read off all those terms to DH and he got a good few laughs, especially WOMBAT! I love how you linked all your projects you listed, so I could click through and see exactly what you're talking about. PS--I hope you're just having mild symptoms.

  2. While I haven't done a full assessment of what I accomplished in my quilting this year, I do know that I've made more small projects than large, and while I thought I had finished some UFOs, I didn't make much of a dent. I like your list, and thanks for giving links so we can see the projects. I hope you have a good year of finishes!

  3. I am afraid to start a list! I bet I can use all of the acronyms you listed above. I must print them out and paste them all over the walls.


  4. I love your new term "crockpot quilts" because I knew right away what you meant, and I have plenty of those, too! Fun to see all your CPQs that you're hoping to work on this year!

  5. I didn't know PIGS or WISP, and I like your CPQ! Love your Butterfly Garden Quilt.

  6. I laughed out loud at this one. Boy can I relate! In fact, I have made it a personal goal (I do NOT make resolutions), to either finish a project or dump the remains.

  7. Slow cooking crock pot quilts? Oh yes, I have a lot of those! Good luck with your list for 2021.


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