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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Unfinished Cross Stitch and Hand Embroidery Projects

Much like my last post about unfinished quilts, this one is about cross stitch and embroidery projects that are either in the works or still in the plastic bag they came in.

I keep several projects in a vinyl bag next to my TV-watching recliner. Most of these are Christmas-themed, because buying Christmas needlework is one of my weaknesses. Those in particular I would love to finish before next Christmas - so I can buy more!

Here is a list of my current needlework projects, and these are also on my 2021 goals list. (Don't even think about the crochet projects waiting patiently in my closet!) You may click on the links to see how they will eventually look:

Village in the Snowfall by Herrschners - cross stitch table topper purchased 2020. This is my current project, and I am really enjoying it. Instead of the white floss provided with the kit, I am using DMC's Etoile Mouline in Blanc to provide a little sparkle. I have made some progress on this and have about 1/3 of it completed.

Snowflakes: 12 Winter Designs for Hand Embroidery by Mary Corbet - I first saw this on Barbara's Cat Patches blog. I was enamored with her work on it and purchased the pattern at the end of 2019 to make as ornaments for our 2020 Christmas tree. I enjoyed choosing beads and threads so those are ready to stitch!

Farmhouse Christmas Cross Stitch by Little House Needleworks - purchased November 2019 to make ornaments for our 2020 Christmas tree, so maybe next year!

The Drawn Thread Cross Stitch Panels - purchased 2018. Here are the links to the ones I have: The Garden Gate, Welcome Autumn and Welcome Winter,  and Welcome Christmas. I guess I need one that says Welcome 2021!

Quilter's Cottage Cross Stitch Pattern by Lori Holt - purchased 2019. I have already made her Farm Girl Fall and Vintage Christmas cross stitch patterns. I really enjoy her patterns - they are easy to stitch and cute.

Holiday Main Street Cross Stitch Pattern by Imaginating - purchased 2018. I still intend to make this for my son, to go with the Christmas village collection he displays every year.

I have a few other little patterns that I have had for years and will get around to "someday", but these are the main ones I want to work on in 2021.

A health update: my last day of quarantine was Monday, and we went to several stores yesterday. Although I tire easily, I am feeling much better. The only lingering effect is no taste and very little sense of smell. Thank you for reading my crazy posts and for encouraging me with your comments. Wishing you a very happy 2021!


  1. Happy New Year’s Eve - so happy that you have almost made a 100% recovery. I love the way you are listing your 2021 projects. I would like to follow the format as I have so many.
    Next question - I want to learn cross stitch this year - having a difficult time finding a good book for learning the technique Years ago I tried it and gave up along with gifting all to a friend. Do you have a recommended book or just watch a YouTube? Hugs

  2. I introduced my daughter to counted cross stitch this Christmas, giving her a kit. She's been working away on it and making good progress. I used to enjoy cross stitch, so I should give it a try again. My sense of taste came back in about 2-3 weeks; it's taken my sense of smell longer, but I can smell enough now that it doesn't bother me. Hope yours comes back quickly too.

  3. I haven't done much cross-stitch in a long time, but I do love to embroider! Those projects are perfect for when you're watching TV. The snowflakes are beautiful - I saw them on Cat Patches, too. Have fun with them!

  4. I'm glad to hear you've recovered and are out and about again, Linda!

  5. I'm going to proffer a guess that I win with my unfinished project as far as longevity. It's a needlepoint of...wait for it...Charles and Diana's engagement picture. Oh, the humiliation!

  6. Glad you are feeling much better. Hopefully your sense of taste and smell will return soon. Some at work said it lasted for about 3 weeks for them. Good luck with your embroidery projects. I have a pile of not started patterns, but I'm going to finish the butterflies first.


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