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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

To-Do Tuesday

Crochet project started!

Today I'm joining Roseanne and her friends for To-Do Tuesday. Roseanne has faithfully and generously hosted this event for the past 78 weeks, and today is the last linkup for her website. I'm giving her a big round of applause and a standing ovation! She is passing her well-used baton on to Chris at Chris Knits.

This past week has been an interesting one at our house. I've been caring for my sick husband, taking him for a COVID-19 test last Friday (it was negative), then taking him to receive a COVID-19 vaccination this morning. He is better now with no fever but still coughing. At any rate, our kids were supposed to drive in from the Houston area this coming Friday and celebrate a belated Christmas, but due to their Dad's illness decided to play it safe and wait until first of April. And it's probably a really good decision, because we are due for ice, snow, and sub-freezing temperatures for the next several days.

So in spite of all that, I did manage to sneak into my sewing room a few times. Let's take a look at the status of my goals for last week and see if I met any of them:

1. SAHRR Round 3 -  add flying geese border and post by Feb 7 - DONE and posted here

2. Project Quilting - create a project using the theme "Virtual Vacation" and post by noon on Feb 7 - DONE and posted here

3. Work on blocks in "lemon" for 2021 Monthly Color Challenge and yellow for 2021 RSC to post by end of month - have not started yet

4. Continue to work on Exploding Heart quilt - PROGRESS - I made more blocks but still have not caught up to the QAL schedule. 

5. Decide on a crochet project to start on - STARTED - I've done a couple rows for an afghan with Lion Brand Thick & Quick Mandala yarn - see photo above.

I might have started on a Squirrel involving hearts!

Now on to my plans for the coming week:

1. Sandwich and start quilting roses quilt 

2. Sandwich and start quilting Guns and Roses (Meadowland) quilt

3. Add checkerboard border for SAHRR

4. Continue to work on Exploding Heart quilt

5. Continue to work on crochet afghan

6. Finish Squirrel (see photo above)

Check out the linky party by clicking here to see the awesome participants and their projects! If you would like more information about any of my projects, please see the corresponding buttons in my sidebar. 


  1. Hi Linda! Aww, thanks so much for the applause. I don't think I'm worthy of it but it is appreciated - you are too kind. Your SAHRR is coming along so nicely! I just ADORE your Plus Sign and Flying Geese together. It's marvelous. I've still got to get to work on my yellow blocks for this month. Egad. Time seems to be slipping away so quickly. Good luck on your list this week and thanks a bunch for linking up today! I'll still be visiting and commenting. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Oh no, so sorry to hear your hubby is sick and you have to postpone getting together with your kids again, Linda! Maybe you'll be having Christmas in July like we are. 😉 A squirrel made of hearts is perfect for this week!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your husband's illness and then having to postpone seeing the family. I know you were looking forward to that. Hope the weather doesn't get too nasty. Good to hear that your husband got his Covid vaccine and is improving. Fun to see all those projects again, and that little squirrel has me definitely curious!

  4. You are doing good on your projects! I love the yarn! I too will miss Roseanne! She is such a love!
    I looked up on the CDC on the Flu this year - can you believe there is none or minimal? I just know now that they are counting the flu as Chinese Virus! I wish that they would report the truth to the public. Hope Hubby is OK and that you had to postpone Christmas again! Hugs

  5. Considering all that you have on your plate, everything you have done is quite impressive. So sorry to hear that your husband is ill and that it has delayed a visit. Sending healing vibes to you both!

  6. You are one busy lady! Sorry you will have to postpone your Christmas gathering. But thankful your hubby didn't have Covid. We did outdoor Thanksgiving & Christmas, masked and no hugging with our adult children and families. Even so, it was so nice to see them. I hope your new plans work out well.

  7. Wow, you sure got a lot done, despite your DH being sick. I hope he's recovered well and maybe it'll be a bit warmer when you gather in April. Love your yarn, and the heart project, too!


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