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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Project Quilting 12.5 - Crazy Crochet Bag

The challenge for Project Quilting was to make a project using Crazy Quilt techniques. I made a little bag to hold my crochet needles! 

If you are unfamiliar with Crazy Quilting, you can search the internet to find many excellent videos and tutorials along with the history of this fun way of putting fabrics together. Basically it is putting odd pieces of fabric together, overlapping and covering edges with embroidery stitches. My initial intent when I started quilting was to make crazy quilts, but I've never made even one!

The inside is crazy too! 

I wanted a little bag to hold my crochet needles and not have to look for them. I should be able to see this bag easily!

I quilted the back with some simple waves

I used an old favorite Moda fabric for the back, and the gingham binding is from my stash.

I added bits of lace and a button, but my favorite is this sweet trim that I cut from my high school prom dress - yes it is 55 years old! I put some yellow French knots on the lace part. Aren't those beaded dangles the fanciest!

This was a fun project to play with, and it has honed my interest in a future crazy quilt. You can find information about Project Quilting by clicking the button in my sidebar, and be sure to go to Kim's blog to see other participants' beautiful creations!


  1. This is such a fun little bag, and I'll bet you'll smile each time you pick it up. The addition of the prom trim is perfect!

  2. Oh wow!! this is so cute - and all those embellishments are wonderful!

  3. What a super nice Crazy quilt and functional bag!

  4. What a super nice Crazy quilt and functional bag!

  5. What a super nice Crazy quilt and functional bag!

  6. Linda, this is wonderful! Crazy quilts are totally my thing. I think they are beautiful and creative, and the paper collage version of quilting. This is the type of quilt that I would like to make because it appeals to my bohemian nature and, using neutrals, would fit right in with my style.

  7. A crazy and awesome bag indeed!

  8. That is so fun, and a perfect use for your project, Linda! I always think it's so great to incorporate something useful into a Project Quilting challenge.

  9. so fun and the perfect bag for crochet needles! LOVE it!


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