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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

To-Do Tuesday

Our daughter came yesterday with the two youngest grands for some running in the back yard, hot dogs made by Papaw, and Grandma's sugar cookies. It was windy and temps were in the high 60s - the sun felt good!

Happy Tuesday! I spent the majority of my time on one project last week, but I had a great time in the sewing room. And that's all that matters, right?

Here are the goals from last week:

Squirrel quilt project

1. Finish quilting squirrel - some progress

2. Sandwich rose quilt - no progress

3. Sandwich Meadowland quilt - no progress

4. Work on SAHRR pinwheel border - did not do; I have some different ideas to finish this project!

Riley Black Quilt Block Challenge block #4

✔5. Make Riley Blake block for RBD quilt block challenge - DONE and posted on Instagram here

Crazy Crochet Bag

✔6. Think about "You're Crazy" challenge block for Project Quilting - DONE and posted here

Here is my list for the coming week:

1. Continue to quilt on squirrel quilt.

2. Decide on finishing borders for SAHRR block

3. Sandwich rose quilt

4. Get back to work on Exploding Heart blocks

5. And after reading Cheree's To-Do list, I am adding some gardening goals: plan front bed landscaping and prep garden for planting onion sets.

Today I'm linking with Chris at ChrisKnits. Go have a look at what others accomplished this past week!


  1. I think your “crazy “ project bag is adorable! Hope you get your list, done and done!

  2. Hi Linda! You did pretty darn good on your list last week. I love your block for RBD and those fabrics are great. How fab is that the grands were over for some running and eating time?! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Your squirrel quilt project looks wonderful - looking forward to seeing the whole thing! And the Riley Blake block - wowie! Looks like those grands had a lot of fun in your backyard, too.

  4. I am impressed by all that you manage to do. “Some progress“ certainly beats my “still in the drawer.“ Well done!

  5. That squirrel projects looks fun. I'm sure you'll get your SAHRR finished, too. What better way to spend a day than with the grands! We are having rain today, so I may stay in today and sew.

  6. Your Crazy project bag is a pretty one! I really like the Riley Blake block! AND what a darling picture of the babies!
    We have had wind almost every day for 3 months! Are you getting a lot also? Hugs

  7. Some progress is better than none! Now I can't wait to see what direction your SAHRR goes!!

  8. The squirrel looks beautiful so far! Good luck on your list for this week!

  9. The block for the Crazy Crochet bag looks really cute. Hope you've been able to check off several to do's from this week's list.

  10. Love your Riley Blake challenge block. Those quilting scallops on your squirrel project look great! Take care, Mary.

    1. Thank you Mary! Now that I've done those scallops I'm stumped as to what to do next.


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