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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

To-Do Tuesday

This is the state of my room this week. A nice clean floor!

Welcome to To-Do Tuesday, hosted by Chris at ChrisKnits, where folks share their accomplishments for the past week and their goals for the coming week. This past week has been good for me! My foot is getting better every day, and I hardly have a limp now. I even helped my husband vacuum, and best of all I got to mop the house! If you don't have an O'Cedar Spin Mop, you don't know what you're missing. Yes, after 51 years of keeping house, I now LOVE to mop! But that's a story for another post. 😉

For once, Jack is not in my chair!

Here were my goals last week:
✔1. Sandwich rose quilt - DONE and ready to quilt
✔2. Work on Monthly Color Challenge block - PROGRESS - I picked fabrics for making 3 blocks
3. Plant green bean seeds - NO PROGRESS - the green bean seeds I thought I had from last year are not in my seed basket, so I will purchase a pack next time we are in town. I did get my tomato plants staked though!

My goals for this coming week:
1. Start quilting rose quilt
2. Plant green beans
3. Block for Riley Blake Design block challenge
4. Work on Monthly Color Challenge blocks

If you click right here, you can see how others fared this past week. Have a wonderful week!


  1. good goals for the previous week. I really love your work area, studio. It feels good just to look at it. I seem to do all my creating sitting on my bed, lol... Glad your foot is doing better.

  2. Hi,
    Love your work looks so organized and clean. I really
    like the backing for your Rose Quilt. Have a great day!

  3. Love all the scraps in your backing. What a great way to use up a few of the larger scraps. Good luck with this week's to do list.

  4. Hooray for such great progress on your foot! It must be feeling pretty good if you are back to doing housework! Your sewing room is so pretty and enticing, and love that amazing pieced backing, too. Good luck getting the quilt basted and starting on the quilting!

  5. What a lovely sewing room! Now I have to go look up that mop - I hate floor cleaning, of any kind, so maybe this would be a game changer for me. I'm so very glad your foot is almost healed and you are enjoying moving around again!

  6. Great progress on your goals! That is one beautiful floor! We are going to be doing a remodel and am wondering what kind of flooring it is? I love the view from your window!

  7. Ohhh Look at how clean that studio is!! Love that you are getting around more and more!!

  8. Okay, you have got to elaborate on the Spin Mop. A year or so ago I purchased a Bessel steamer that makes cleaning hard floors so much better than the old mop system i had. But it cannot be used on wooden floors and I have some of those. Clue us in on the OCedar Spin Mop please. Carol in Texas

    1. Hi Carol! I might just have to do a post on it. If you are on Instagram, check out @gocleanco or just Google "Go Clean Co". They use this system regularly on wood floors, apparently with no issues!

  9. Your sewing room is very organized and I love the hardwood floors! Lovely window to look out also.

  10. I am in absolute awe over how organized and tidy your room is. I decided that it was high time I start doing something about my office/studio. Now it is a bigger disaster than it has ever been. I am completely overwhelmed, and just want to throw myself down.

  11. I love to see everyone's sewing rooms! Ours look kinda similar--wood floors, similar tables etc. (Any idea what kind of chair that is, where you got it, etc? I love mine but it's starting to slowly slide down after I raise it up.) I have to have my machine in front of the window, too. Glad your foot is doing better!

  12. I love your space!!! It's so pretty. Thanks for linking up with To-Do! Good luck on your weekly goals.


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