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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

To-Do Tuesday and A New Logo

I had a foot doctor appointment yesterday and got clearance to wear a shoe instead of a boot! Don't look too close, but I still have some swelling in my right foot. The doctor says that is normal. The kitties are glad not to have that big boot clomping around. And I have my energy back along with my Sew-Jo!

Looking west, here is the newly weeded garden and tomato plants..
That's the back of our house in the background waiting for landscaping!
(The arrows point to my sewing room window.)

These were my goals last week:

✔ 1. Start on RSC red blocks - FINISHED and posted here

2. Sandwich rose quilt - NO PROGRESS

3. Plant zinnia seeds - SOME PROGRESS - We plan to have zinnias in the prepared bed outside our bedroom windows. (You can see the blank space in the photo above.) Planting will have to wait until mid-June when our new windows are installed. That way the contractors won't stomp on them! But I did weed my garden. In the process I got 18 itchy chigger bites. Now I spray myself liberally with bug spray before going out in the yard.

Here is what I hope to accomplish in the coming week:

1. Sandwich rose quilt

2. Work on Monthly Color Challenge block - it's a surprise color this month!

3. Plant green bean seeds

This photo was taken looking east. My husband planted these tomatoes for me
while I was unable to do much, and they are flourishing!

I have a new logo! I purchased it on Etsy because I loved the colors and design. I plan to revamp my Etsy shop with a new banner of the same design. I want to get myself sewing and sell some stuff!

I'm tardily linking with other To-Do Tuesday folks at ChrisKnits. Go check out some stellar accomplishments by clicking this link!


  1. Lovely to see your bootless foot but even more lovely is your new logo!

  2. I'm so happy to hear you are bootless, and that you have found your sewing mojo! Good news, indeed! Love your new logo!

  3. Yay for NO BOOT!!! and what a great view you have!!!

  4. Sew pretty--that logo!!! Did you have both feet done, or just one at a time? Glad you're back in sandals!!!

  5. Love your new logo and that you can wear your sandals again, too! Hope your healing is right on schedule. It looks like you and hubby are making that yard your own - flowers and veggies are just what it needed.

  6. Such excitement! No boot, thriving tomatoes, and a new logo. Does life get any better than that? :-P

  7. Love the new logo, Linda. It gives off the exact vibe you show in your posts. That's great to have the boot gone and lots of garden planning too. Now then what exactly are chiggers? We have mosquitoes...are they like that?

  8. OH how exciting - sandals! Glad that you are out of the boot - no fun! Those tomatoes will be so good with a salad! Happy that you are over the surgery! Back to the sewing room! Hugs


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