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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

To-Do Tuesday and Squirrel-Spiration

Mini strings

It is To-Do Tuesday, the day I take inventory of goals and accomplishments for the past week. This weekly event is bravely hosted by Chris at ChrisKnits and is a wonderful opportunity to be inspired by and get acquainted with other bloggers.

Strings all organized and ready to play

My squirrel inspiration, or squirrel-spiration, last week was from Diann at Little Penguin Quilts, who made the most adorable mini strings I've ever seen - and they were only 3.5 inches square! Go look at them right here. Since The Scrap Whisperer visited my sewing room last week, I had a nice organized basket of strings ready to play and quickly made these little blocks. Mine finish at 4.5 inches, and I want to keep making them for a scrappy wall quilt. So thank you Diann!

My DashAlong pieces are cut and trimmed and ready to be sewn into blocks

So, on to last week's goals:
✔ 1. Work on DashAlong - DONE and posted here
✔ 2. Finish sandwiching RBD Block Challenge quilt when basting spray arrives; start quilting - DONE - I have it sandwiched and started quilting yesterday
✔ 3. Work on July Color Challenge block - DONE and will post at the end of the month

Over the weekend, the box of  Exploding Heart blocks lured me in to make more blocks. This challenge, started in December, uses a pattern by Slice of Pi Quilts and involves quarter square triangles consisting of either one, two, three, or four colored triangles. I only have 54 more left to do, and they are the 4-color triangles. Once I finish those, up on the design wall they go for the complicated layout.

RBD Block Challenge quilt is partially quilted

Goals for this week:
1. Finish quilting RBD Challenge quilt. I am debating big stitch hand quilting on the individual blocks but don't know if my hands have the stamina for it!
2. Sew blocks for DashAlong
3. Finish pieces for Exploding Heart quilt and do layout on design wall

Toby looks like he's doing a selfie! Rosie "helped" sandwich the RBD quilt.

You can see the RBD quilt behind Rosie in the photo above. I pinned it up from the bottom for you to see a peek at the backing.

For other distractions and squirrel-spirations, click right here and go visit the linkup on Chris's blog!


  1. Ah ha ha! Toby is a cutie! Well, they both are. Looks like you've been getting a lot done. I love your little tray made with the rulers. (I've seen a few on Etsy.) I'm always keeping an eye out for trays to keep my pieces organized. Currently using plastic trays from chicken meat pieces--not all that cute! LOL

  2. I'm glad I could inspire you (or maybe get you distracted!) but I really think it was that nicely organized drawer of strings! Those are such happy string blocks. Can't wait to see what you've been making with them! Good luck finishing up the RBD quilting, too.

  3. Love your mini string blocks, Linda.
    Toby and Rosie are so cute.

  4. Those are some cute little string blocks! Diann has the best ideas! I wonder what her project will develop into?

  5. Diann comes up with such cute projects - your little mini string blocks are so fun, and they will be a perfect little quilt snack when you just need to sew something up. The kitties are the star of the show, I think - or at least they think they are, right?! That RBD quilt is so pretty!

  6. The string blocks are very pretty! Kitty Cats look like they enjoy your quilting time with them! Watch out for those Squirrels, they bite! LOL. Hugs

  7. I read this first thing this morning, noticed the date, and thought for hours that it was actually Tuesday. How’s that for a crazy old person thing? I continue to marvel at your work area, your production, and your very cute assistants.

  8. Lovely mini string blocks! Your Exploding Heart is going to be a beauty. Fun Toby, and sweet Rosie ;)

  9. I like your string blocks. I'm considering making some more but haven't convinced myself yet. I have way too many things already started.... time will tell. Toby looks like a real character while Rosie seems more laid back. Yes, take my picture but I'm just going to sit here. Enjoy the weekend.

  10. Lots of great projects going here! I love the string blocks and am so pleased to see Laura's exploding heart - it is a favorite of mine. It is a maybe one day quilt for me - keeping the squirrels at bay!

  11. Oh Linda, how nice and organized your scraps are! Those strings are so pretty...I love any project that uses strings. How nice to have such good - and amusing help in the sewing room too. Have fun with the stitching.

  12. Those Squirrel-spirations, love it!! Looks like you are making great progress!!! Good luck with your goals, and thanks for linking up with To-Do Tuesday!


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