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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

To-Do Tuesday And A Surprise!

Welcome to the scene of some wild rearrangements this past week!

It's that time again - To-Do Tuesday, when Chris at ChrisKnits generously offers her time and space for us to post our accomplishments for the past week and goals for next week.

This has been a busy, exciting week for me. We stopped at a local quilt shop last week to see if they carried 12-wt thread (they did not). Their Handi-Quilter long arm machines were set up around their space ready to try. My husband went to look at them while the store clerk showed me the thread they had in stock. When she and I walked over to where he was, he started asking her all kinds of questions about the HQ machines and the specials they were offering. Long story short, a new Simply Sixteen will occupy the blank wall you see in the photo above! I might have to relocate my design wall, but it might work as is.

Simply Sixteen with Little Foot Frame

The Simply Sixteen came with the 5-foot "Little Foot" frame for smaller spaces, and the special included a light bar to go above the quilting area and free shipping. Plus, the quilt store offered a generous store credit! After the HQ shipment arrives at our house in a week or so, the store owner and her daughter will come to set it up and train me. I have been living in a dream this past week! It really is a dream come true. I blogged about this very machine here (scroll to the bottom of the post), after I had tried it in another shop in December 2019.

Needless to say there was a lot of rearranging going on in the sewing room. The biggest transition was to relocate the fabric cabinet to the opposite wall. Believe it or not, it was surprisingly easy for us to move across the wood floor, with fabric intact. 

This is the view from the design wall

The above photo is looking from the back wall where the Simply Sixteen will sit. We removed my old cutting table and made my ironing table into a combination cutting/ironing space. It won't be quite as convenient, but I think it will work just fine. Now there is space for my new toy!

Jack has approved the RBD quilt as his new napping space

Was anything accomplished sewing-wise last week? Let's take a look and see:
✔1. Finish quilting RBD Challenge quilt. SOME PROGRESS - I did get a few stitches done on the sashing before Jack took over my space (above). I was debating big stitch quilting for the individual blocks (that's what sent me to the quilt shop!) but now I think it will become the first candidate for the new Simply Sixteen!
2. Sew blocks for DashAlong - NO PROGRESS
3. Finish pieces for Exploding Heart quilt and do layout on design wall - NO PROGRESS

Last week's unmet goals will move forward to this week, which will be another busy one with a quick trip to Oklahoma plus a babysitting gig for The Littles (grands):
1. Finish quilting the sashing on the RBD Challenge quilt
2. Sew blocks for DashAlong
3. Finish pieces for Exploding Heart quilt and do layout on design wall

Be sure to go visit here to see creative works in progress and pretty finishes from other bloggers!


  1. Linda, wow! How exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your fancy new machine. It sounds great that they make a frame that fits your space. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations on the long arm. They were offering some great deals last week. (I ordered one too. LOL)

  3. Oh congrats, I'm so excited for you!!! Can't wait to see all the fun you'll be having with it. I love your sewing space, too--a little "jelly" of that storage space for fabric. Oh you're going to have sew much fun!

  4. Hi,
    Love your sewing room...enjoy playing with your Simply
    Sixteen machine. Jack looks totally relaxed...have a
    great day!

  5. Love seeing that space for your SS16!

  6. Oh, that is exciting! It will be fun to see you whipping out those finished quilts left and right. I'll be here, packaging mine up to send to you - LOL. Jack is a handsome fella, and I think he knows it!

  7. Too much fun!!! So happy for you, Linda!!! Your studio is so tidy!

  8. i like your studio area ..and your cat ..cute photo.

    1. Thank you Sandy! My kitties provide me with new photo opps every day - lol!

  9. Awesome!!!! You will love it. I love mine for sure. Don't worry about the weekly progress, you will make it up.

  10. Linda, that is indeed exciting news. What a wonderful hubby! You will make that machine sing in the years to come. Love to see your sewing room...everything working out perfectly and so nice Jack approves. Enjoy it all!

  11. Congratulations! Would love to have one and am looking forward to your many quilting projects on it.

    1. I hope you get your wish! Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  12. Linda — how fantastic. You will love your sweet 16. And that one looks like a stand up machine rather than sit down. I have a friend with a sit down one that she loves. Hope you have a bunch of smaller quilts to practice on.

  13. Well better late than never. I love your new arrangement and so happy for you that you got the HQ. I have the HQ16 that I purchased in 2005. It is a good machine! Hope you enjoy quilting this tops faster now! Looking for the picture of you sitting and enjoying sewing. Hugs


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