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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

To-Do Tuesday - Meet Longmire!

Meet the newest addition to my sewing room - Longmire. My husband suggested we name it after one of our favorite TV shows - a modern Western about a Wyoming sheriff named Walt Longmire - because it includes the name "long" for long arm! Believe it or not I agreed, so Longmire it is.

With a throat size of 16" the Simply Sixteen would technically be classified as mid arm, but it is commonly referred to as longarm.

Lynn and Lyssa (photo capture from their website)

Lynn, the shop owner of Stitched With Love in McKinney TX (where we purchased Longmire), and her daughter Lyssa made the 100 mile+ round trip to our house last Tuesday. They quickly examined everything and complimented my handyman for putting it all together so well. The table did need leveling, and we had placed two screws in the wrong place. So while Lyssa worked underneath the frame making adjustments, Lynn started training me on basic operation and a few tricks and tips. Time passed so quickly!

After I practiced awhile, I pulled a small quilt that I started in February and finished quilting it. This is a quilt that will forever be identifiable as my practice quilt - lol! As I sewed the binding on yesterday, I actually ran out of binding - what??? That is the first time in my quilting career that has happened! I had to order another yard of fabric and will finish up when it arrives. I'll share more about it in a later post.

IN OTHER NEWS! Our youngest granddaughter started kindergarten this past week!

Here are the templates I made this past week for the Wensleydale quilt from Jen Kingwell's Quilt Recipes. Now to choose some fabric and make a block. See the cookies below that I made from one of her recipes.

Delicious Oatmeal Raisin Cookies from Quilt Recipes! I made mine without raisins
but added them for my husband. We thought they were outstanding!

So today is To-Do Tuesday, hosted by the amazing Chris over at Chris Knits, and here were my goals for last week:
☑1. Training and practice on longarm - DONE - yay!
2. DashAlong blocks - NO PROGRESS
3. Embroidery and pieced blocks for Christmas project - NO PROGRESS
☑4. Big stitch experiment on RBD quilt - SOME PROGRESS - I did make a few big stitches and will do more tonight.

Goals for the coming week will be carryover from last week plus a few other projects:
1. DashAlong blocks
2. Embroider and piece blocks for Christmas project
3Big stitch experiment on RBD quilt
4. Piece a backing for Exploding Heart
5. Start on Welcome Autumn cross stitch if fabric arrives
6. Make a Wensleydale block

Be sure to check out the inspiration of other bloggers and their To-Do Tuesday posts right here!


  1. Oh, Longmire, that's perfect! You made me smile! Hope you're feeling good about how the quilting is going. Good luck with your list this week, Linda.

  2. Thank you so much for adding me to your list of outstanding bloggers! I feel so honored! I used to watch the show Longmire Snd I was so sad when it ended. My son-in-law is the one who suggested I start watching it. I love that quilt on the wall behind your Longmire! It is stunning! Your granddaughter is precious and I love her little outfit! Take good care and God bless you!

  3. Nice to meet Longmire!!! Is it computerized or FMQ? Sweet photo of your granddaughter!!! I could go for one of those cookies right now!?!

  4. Looking great and love the name Longmire! Is the machine computer driven or are you doing free motion?

  5. Longmire! Great choice for the name! Love the photo of your youngest grand, all ready for her first day! Cute!

  6. I LOVE your name for your machine!!!! I named mine after a great lady, who we called Gigi, great-grandma, even though she wasn't mine to claim. But she knew me from birth and taught me in Sunday School almost my entire young life. Do not sweat the first pieces, you will be amazed how quickly you progress in skill. Thanks for linking up with To-Do!! Good luck on next week's goals.

  7. Hi Linda, I too love the name for your machine. That show was a favourite of ours and I still think of Walt out there riding around on his horse exploring the canyons like they ended the series. LOL Good luck now with the practicing!
    Meanwhile, lovely granddaughter and I've ordered templates for one of the quilts in my Quilt Lovely book by Jen. She uses lots of brights in her fabric choices. Will you be doing that?

  8. I love the name - and the series! Great job on your first quilt - washing it will make all the little blips and boo boos get hidden. So pleased for you!

  9. I was a huge fan of that show! That is the perfect name. What a piece of equipment!

  10. Oh my goodness how we love Longmire! We are on our third or fourth trip through all 6 seasons. Why they cannot make more good Western-themed shows I do not understand. This show has the perfect balance of good, clean scripts and excellent cast. We were sick when they ended it after the 6th season. Most other Western shows on Netflix are dreadful and very violent, as I guess the old West was.

    1. Hi Carol! Yes I agree, it was a great show. Hollywood really tends to go with what they think is best for us, which is violence, gore, and graphic "you-know-what" - ugh!

  11. I've never seen that show, I may have to check it out! Have fun with your new longarm.


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