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Friday, August 20, 2021

Hearts In Formation Quilt


My quilt model coordinated his shoes with the quilt!

Last February I saw a logo on Instagram for "Adopt Don't Shop", I immediately thought it would make a neat quilt! I already had projects in various stages of incompletion but well, you know what happened.

I had some beautiful pink fabric from Bernie's Needle and Foot Etsy shop just waiting to be used, along with my much loved Decostitch in granite. I found a pattern to make hearts from Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew and away I went!

Here is the original logo

Allison's pattern has measurements for several sizes of hearts, and I chose the 6-1/2 inch size for the front and one 10-inch for the back. I had a completed quilt size in mind, so I calculated spacing, row length and height, and blank space and made up my own pattern, using the Adopt, Don't Shop logo as a guide.

It was so hard for me to get a good representative photo of the back. It is lighter than it looks here.

This quilt officially qualifies for a "Mullet" quilt - business in the front, party in the back. I added a 10-inch heart to the back and pieced some coordinating fabric from my stash. I used the same granite Decostitch for the binding. For the first time in my quilting career, I somehow miscalculated the length needed for binding and ran out with about 2 feet left to bind! I had to wait for an order of Decostitch before I could finish.

I used one of the applique stitches on my Janome to outline the hearts in light gray, then filled in the rest with freehand hearts on the Simply Sixteen with bright pink thread. Some of the freehand hearts look like leaves and some are too fat, but since this is my first time quilting on the Simply Sixteen, it's all good!

The lineup of the hearts remind me of a marching band formation, so "Hearts in Formation"!

Crinkly goodness

This quilt passed Toby's careful quality control inspection, so I will be gifting it to my sweet 5 year-old granddaughter Delaney. I'll try to update with a photo when she receives it!

Quilt Details

Finished sizeL 43-1/2" x 47"
Finished size laundered - 43" x 45"

My design using Adopt, Don't Shop logo
Simple Hearts by Cluck Cluck Sew for individual hearts

Boho Bouquet by Hope Yoder for Blank Quilting
French Farmhouse Gray Check by Renee Nanneman of Need'l Love for Andover
Decostitch Elements in Granite by Art Gallery

Cupcake Cafe by Laura Stone for Studio E
Dotsy Grey/Red by Jennifer Pugh for Wilmington Prints Essentials 

Decostitch Elements in Granite by Art Gallery

Superior Threads So Fine
Genoa Gray 50wt #403
Jazzy Jai 30wt #1112

I'm linking to Finished or Not Friday, hosted by the lovely Alycia of Alycia at Quiltygirl!


  1. Lovely finish! Beautiful quilt, from a great logo. Great inspiration!

  2. Linda, that's adorable! What a fun idea for a quilt design, and the Cluck Cluck Sew hearts worked perfectly for your idea. I think the quilting looks great, too - pink thread on the gray background is perfect!

  3. Cute quilt pattern, and I love the quilting in the pink thread!

  4. Linda, you did a great job on the design all the way through the quilting! I love the pink thread, too. What fun to see this all done and getting the approval of the chief inspector! Your granddaughter will love it!

  5. Coordinated shoes are always a must, I say. I love this one, Linda, it’s one of my favorites. Such a cute pattern.

  6. Sweet quilt! Great for practicing on your new LA!!!

  7. Oh that does make a great quilt!! Love the colors you used!!

  8. It is wonderful!! A great job all around.

  9. Pretty quilt and great that Toby approved! Hugs

  10. What a great quilt. LOVE your definition of a mullet. I recently (a few months ago) mentioned I wish mullets would come back as I would like to have it. She vetoed the idea. But I've noticed several people have actually started up the mullet again. Nah, I won't be going there again.


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