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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Quilt Inspiration - Tips And Tutorials

Each month Kathleen at Kathleen McMusing hosts a Tips and Tutorials linky party. In her monthly post she includes links to some great tutorials and invites us to link up any that we have found to be helpful. You can check out all her tutorial posts right here!

Last week I read Sherrie's post about how she had her adorable Salt and Sand quilt in the hoop for tying. Sherrie blogs at Food For Thought, and I asked her if she had any tips for tying. Well she wrote up a tutorial! It's the best tutorial ever for tying a quilt, and she has great photos to click on to see exactly what she is describing. Go read about How To Tie A Quilt right here!

40 year old "quilt" for my husband

Back in the 1980s I made my husband a "quilt" with cheater fabric and a flannel backing - that's it pictured above. Look how long and narrow it is - lol! Since I didn't know how to quilt, I tied it with yarn. After many washings and LOTS of use, most of those ties have disappeared. My son and daughter have always loved that quilt, and it was their standard for a "quilt". So for Christmas in 2018 I made them each a quilt and hand-tied those quilts so they would be "just like Dad's". You can read the details of those quilts right here on my old blog.

Hand-tied quilts for my son and daughter

After I read Sherrie's tutorial I realized I had left out an essential step in order to keep those ties strong throughout the life of the quilt! It involves the use of a second piece of yarn for each tie. I highly recommend you read her post "How To Tie A Quilt" right here.

Thanks to Sherrie for the excellent tutorial and thanks to Kathleen for hosting this event each month! I'm linking this post to Kathleen's link party.


  1. That’s a great tutorial! Thanks for linking it up to the party. I never heard of the extra piece, but I can see why that works!

  2. Ah, the extra piece is the step I used to miss! I recall the "church ladies" tying quilts when I was young, but when I first started quilting and tried tying a quilt, it didn't look the same as theirs. Now I know why! Thanks!

  3. I've tied lots of quilts, but never knew about adding the extra piece of yarn. Thanks for sharing Sherrie's tutorial!

  4. I don’t know what happened to the quilt that my grandmother made me when I was a little girl, but it was hand tied just like the one that you gave your husband. I loved that quilt. I can still remember looking at all of the different fabrics in those rings. I’m guessing that it was a wedding ring quilt, but I’m not sure. I love seeing what you do.

  5. What a fun quilt that you made for your DH! It's great that it has been loved so much over the years. Interesting note on tying quilts--use and extra yarn.

  6. forty year old quilt - how nice!!

    1. It's pretty ragged Sandy! But it is still in use and much loved in spite of my poor tying technique.


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