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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

To Do Tuesday 9-28-21

Welcome to To Do Tuesday! It's the last week of September - how did that happen? It's time to discuss the status quo of our projects and make plans for the coming week. If you're in a hurry, head on to the bottom of this post and add your link!

If you haven't participated in To Do Tuesday before, join the fun! Feel free to post about any kind of project(s) you are working on or even one you are contemplating. You don't have to be a quilter! You can be a knitter or crafter or photographer or crocheter or anything that brings you joy and feeds your soul. As Tangina said in Poltergeist  "All are welcome. All welcome."

Lonely spot waiting for Janice Janome to come home

Last week I took my Janome in for service and decided it would be a good time to get some quilts sandwiched and start quilting. Well wouldn't you know, I forgot to piece the backings! So I ended up doing other things in my room. "Janice" should be ready today, so tomorrow I hope to be back in business!

Here were my goals last week:
1. Sandwich Exploding Heart - Nope
2. Sandwich DashAlong - Nope
✅3. Slow stitching - Welcome Autumn, RBD quilt, and Christmas project Progress - I stitched on RBD

Please ignore gaping holes in the design board, compliments of sweet little Rosie pulling the batting!

Remember the Stay At Home Round Robin (SAHRR) in the early part of this year? I found a panel (see above photo) in my stash and will piece it with another fabric I chose for the backing for my flimsy. I love that panel and had forgotten all about it. I am ready to get finish so I can use the quilt during Christmas season!

I also played with fabric pulls and cut out a few pieces for various projects, so all in all it was "kind of" a productive week. I am hoping for more activity when Janice Janome comes home. With that in mind here are my goals for next week:

1. Piece and sandwich Exploding Heart and DashAlong
2. Piece backing for SAHRR Christmas quilt
3. Big stitch, embroidery, and cross stitch at night
4. Catch up on Pieces of the Santa Fe Trail blocks

Now it's time to see what you have been up to! Linkup is below:

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  1. How disappointing to not be able to focus on what was on your list. It seems you made the best of it and got ready to move ahead on some other projects. Wishing you much better luck with this week's to do list.

  2. Any progress is a progress, and be happy with that.
    Good luck with this week's to do list.

  3. I had forgotten your SAHRR was a Christmas quilt! That panel is the perfect start for your backing. I need to work on backings this week, too. I hope Janice Janome is raring to go for you!

  4. Ugh -- no fun when you send your machine off for a spa week. I dropped mine off yesterday but luckily I have others to work on. Plus I'll be out of town for several days so that will mean I won't be pining for her. Hopefully she'll be done in 2 weeks within the two to three week time frame! Your RR is gorgeous.

  5. Hoping that Janice comes home soon so that you can move some of your projects along. Such a lovely red and green quilt.

  6. Hi,
    Your Christmas Quilt is awesome...have a great day!

  7. Lovely Christmas quilt you've got going!

  8. Hi Linda! Oh, I hope you got to pick up Janice and all is well. Like Diann, I had also forgot that your SAHRR was a Christmas quilt!! Gosh, it sure is pretty and that backing is just perfect for it. We were just sharing some emails about the 2022 SAHRR, oddly enough. That pinwheel block in the center sure looks nifty. Thanks for the linky party! Enjoy having Janice back. ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. I love the panel for your SAHRR Christmas quilt. You may have already figured out that I’m a big fan of Christmas quilts!

    1. Thank you Mary! Me too, I am a HUGE fan of Christmas and fall quilts - I could make them all year!

  10. I thought maybe you were gearing up for the next SAHRR :-) I hope Janice returns home soon, so you can get caught up. I didn't get a post done Tuesday or today; I'm kinda dragging my feet on posting lately.

  11. Awk! That “Poltergeist” woman gives me the willies!

  12. That panel is perfect! And what a lovely SAHRR you made. Hope Janice is home! Mine is named Jana!


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