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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

To Do Tuesday Christmas Week 12-21-21

Well here we are with Christmas just 4 days away, whether we are ready or not! Join us for a linky party today and show us what you've got going on! Even if you have no goals other than to enjoy Christmas, we'd love to see your decorations or your projects or your neighborhood Christmas lights or your Christmas baking or your table decorations - everything is welcome. To add your post, just click on the link below.

Babysitting for the Littles while Mommy had an appointment - sweet times!

Goodies ready for delivery to City Hall and Police Department, the family drug store, and neighbors!

Over the weekend I made Danish kringle dough, Cathedral Windows candy, oatmeal white chocolate cookie dough, and snack mix. Yesterday morning everything got baked and packaged, and then we played Santa!

My goals last week:
✅1. Post about my SAHRR quilt, which is now a Christmas quilt - posted right here
✅2. Clean house for visiting SIL and nephew on Wednesday - we had a wonderful visit in our clean house!
✅3. Do a little babysitting on Thursday - See photo above 😄
✅4. Make a 36 x 36 Christmas wall quilt - Quilting is done, but it is 40 x 40, so hope it will fit!

Sneak peek at Christmas wall quilt

My goals this coming week:
1. Make progress on the Wedding Quilt
2. Spend Christmas Eve morning with our daughter and The Littles
3. Spend Christmas day at home or maybe we will go out to eat
4. Take down decorations and clean the house
5. Work on Pieces of the Santa Fe Trail - last block and layout
6. Make and post last Color Challenge block for 2021
7. Bind and do a post on Christmas wall quilt

Our daughter is bringing the little grands over for Christmas Eve brunch, then they will head back home (she is an hour away from us) for Christmas Eve services at her church. I'm so grateful for her good church family to support her during her divorce. We were planning to drive down to north of Houston (4-1/2 hours) to spend Christmas day and night with our son and family, but we decided not to make the trip and just stay home and relax. Christmas day will be exactly like our first Christmas - just the two of us!

What's going on at your house this week? Travel plans? Staying home in your pajamas? Just click the link below and share with us!  If you have any trouble adding your link or just need general instructions, please let me know - click the little envelope in the top right corner of this page and email me.

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  1. I can't wait to see your Christmas wall quilt finish. Have a wonderful Christmas

  2. Love your SAHRR quilt! I love the backing too and how you incorporated the title of the quilt! Have a safe and happy holiday!

  3. The Santa hats on your to-do stitcher and her hubby are a cute surprise! So glad you get to have those littles close by this year. We'll have a quiet Christmas Day, too - but I'm looking forward to it! Looking forward to seeing your Christmas wall-hanging, too!

  4. One day closer to Christmas we will run up to visit our daughter & family 2.5 hours drive from us - we will bring out other daughter with us as her car is undependable and she hasn't been able to visit and see her sister's new house. As for Christmas Day itself I think we will be home just the two of us and maybe our daughter will run up and visit - maybe we will take a walk at the trails seeing as it is to be 68 or 70 take advantage of the nice weather while we have it before the cold days of winter arrive. We are kind of thinking it might be time to hibernate again with covid increasing again - don't want to get sick although not to worried about it now with all of us having 3 shots but staying away from busy places.

  5. Such a sweet picture...well both...the kiddos and the cookies! We will be separated, my husband will stay with the elderly dog, and our son will travel with me to see my siblings & aunt in PA for lest that is the plan!

  6. Hi,
    All your Christmas Goodies look so yummy! Your
    Christmas Wall quilt is awesome...min is still in
    the planning stage. Have a great day!

  7. Oh look at all the goodies you made! It looks like you will be enjoying Christmas with family and friends! God Bless!

  8. All those goodies look delicious,Linda! I am sure the recipients loved.
    Babysitting for the littes seems they had a lot of fun with granny. They are so cute.
    Whishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!

  9. You are so kind to share with your neighbours at this time of year. It will be especially appreciated this year I'm sure. You have a wonderful to do list this week and that quilt on your machine is a beauty. Precious faces!

  10. Nice quilt on the long arm. Have a joyous week and hope you can squeeze a bit of sewing in.

  11. It looks like you have some really pretty fabric in your newest Christmas quilt. Looking forward to seeing it finished. Happy Holidays!

  12. Those babies are so precious. Hoping things will settle down for your daughter in 2022! Have a Merry Christmas! Your projects are looking good… Hugs


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