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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

To Do Tuesday 6-21-22

It's Tuesday again and time to join in with other friends for To Do Tuesday! You are invited to share your posts in the link below. If you'd like to join us but don't have a clue as to how, just click on the couple above for more information!

Gingham table runner #1 flimsy 

A scrappier version of gingham table runner #2 - pieces on design board

The Wedding Quilt flimsy

Accuquilt Go Cutter! It was my birthday week, and it was on sale, so yay!

Last week I had these simple goals:
✔1. Finish sewing flimsy and sandwich The Wedding Quilt - I finished the flimsy but no sandwiching yet. I need to choose a backing!
✔2. Finish my "Squirrel" - I did finish the flimsy of the gingham table runner and started another one
✅3. Time for whatever suits my fancy - I played with my new toy - the Accuquilt Go Fabric Cutter!

Yes I took the plunge and bought an Accuquilt Go! Cutter after several weeks of admiring the beautiful cut pieces and blocks on Karen's blog, Quilts....Etc.  Karen was a wealth of information and a stellar advertisement for Accuquilt, and I bought the cutter through the affiliate link on her website. I was so impressed with all the resources available on the Accuquilt website, and after some research, I decided to apply to join the affiliate program. I was accepted and my link is in the sidebar!

I experimented with the cutter this past week and already want several of the dies available. Dies (see picture below) provide a faster, safer, and more accurate way of cutting fabric without using a rotary cutter and ruler. Using the Go! cutter also reduces hand and arm strain, which is a big plus for me.

This is the "die" that was included with the cutter.
It produces 2-1/2 inch and 4-1/2 inch squares and the pieces for a 2-1/2 inch HST

Place pieces of fabric (up to six layers) on the die then cover with the cutting mat.

Turn the crank to send it all through the cutter

After going through the cutter, remove the mat to reveal perfectly cut pieces with very little wasted fabric. Those little triangles are ready to sew together for HSTs without marking or trimming!

So what is on tap for next week?
1. Purchase backing for The Wedding Quilt
2. Start cutting on Ruby Star Society Sewalong quilt (see my sidebar for more info) and do a post. My fabric for this project should arrive this week
3. Continue sewing on gingham table runners and do a post
4. Keep playing with Accuquilt Go!

Now let's see your lists and projects or your travelogue about your vacation or a post with a photo of your cat or a list of the latest books you are reading or photos of a pretty tablescape you created or an area of your house you've decorated  - we'd love to see whatever you are up to this summer! Just click on the link below - you have until 11:59PM next Monday to add your link.

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  1. So nice to treat yourself to something really useful and special. Those HST's being cut like that are going to be extra helpful. All the best with getting the Wedding Quilt backing found and then pinned.

  2. i look forward to viewing all the projects you start that are cut with the accucut cutter. I think all the projects Karen is working on now have been cut from the cutter. Happy stitching!

  3. Look at your gingham runners - so fun! I love the wine fabric. And happy birthday, and happy Go cutter! I bet you'll love it. I haven't jumped in on those yet, but they're very tempting!

  4. Congrats on the purchase of your new toy!! I love my Go! cutters.. Yeah, I have more than one :) I know you'll get a lot of use out of yours! xx

  5. I am so glad you are enjoying the accuquilt and I hope it helps you cut many pieces of fabric over the years!!

  6. I have had my Accuquilt for about three years now. I really appreciate it's accuracy and it's speed. I try to use it as much as possible to justify the expense. I try to read patterns to find out how I can use it-need 200 squares at 2.5 inches? No problem with the strip die!

    1. Your comment comes across as "Anonymous", but thanks for the visit!

  7. Congrats on your purchases!! Your gingham runners just make me smile, aren't they just so fun! I'll be showing more of mine tomorrow.

  8. You will absolutely love the time (and aches) the AccuQuilt cutter saves you! You have learned quickly how not to "waste" fabric. That is one of the things I hear most about it - "it wastes too much fabric!" I am designing and teaching a block of the month for a quilting group at my LQS and am toying with the idea of adding it to my blog as well! I designed it around the 10-inch Qube because that's what one of the ladies bought after I demonstrated my GOBig at one of our meetings! However, it can be made with any size Qube! Have fun with your new machine and your goals for the week!

  9. Congrats on your new purchase and Happy Birthday to you!!
    The two gingham runners are looking pretty good. I want to make one also, but they haven't entered on my play list yet.

  10. Congrats on the accuquilt! I always thought they seemed wasteful but it's nice to know you can really work it. I do like the nice crisp pieces but I'm not sure I'll ever take the plunge. I love to cut quilts out too much! Isn't that nuts?

  11. Hi,
    All your quilts are beautiful! I really like your table runners. Have
    fun with your Accu Cutter. Have a great day!

    1. Thank you! Your post is labeled Anonymous - hope you'll come back and tell me your name!

  12. Hi Linda! New toy!!!! I am so thrilled for you and excited - I can hardly type!! Yippee skippy. I have been on the fence about getting a cutter myself, manual or electric, and then which dies. Congrats on being an affiliate member, too. I look forward to seeing which dies you decide to buy, how you use it, etc. Did you find the manual crank hard to use? I'm also excited to see the Wedding quilt top and what backing you pick for it. Those gingham runners are so cool - that squirrel bit you hard, didn't it?!! Stay the course and enjoy that new toy. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  13. Hi Linda: I've had the Accuquilt for years. I absolutely love my Accuquilt. I have the Go and the Electric Cutter too but use my Go the most. It's awesome when you are doing any quilt with one or two blocks. Samplers are possible but I find it best for when I am making a larger quilt. Most of my dies are from before they made the "cube" but I have started adding those too. It is way more convenient. I have several BOB's as well and even have a custom die that I had made a few years back. Of course, applique is fabulous! Enjoy your new toy. Love your projects this week.

    1. Hey Peggy, it's good to hear such rave reviews after you've used it for several years. Cool on the custom die!

  14. Enjoy the Accuquilt! I think I would like one someday, but I go back and forth on it. Will be fun to see what you think of it as you use it more! Love those gingham quilts!

  15. well happy birthday to you and i hope you are enjoying your present to yourself.

  16. You have a fabric cutter?!! I didn’t even know those things existed. You are one well-equipped woman! I would really love to come spend an afternoon in your quilt room. I really have a strong desire to make one of these, but none of the equipment, or knowledge, and sewing machines terrify me. I’d like to see that runner on a table, by the way, so make that happen. Pattie

  17. Your table runners sure look pretty! My goodness! That wedding quilt looks so classy and pretty…the colors are soothing.
    Happy birthday to you! I’m sure you will love your Accuquilt! Congratulations!


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