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Monday, September 26, 2022

To Do Tuesday 9-27-22

Welcome to To Do Tuesday - would you believe the last one in September? Eeeeek! On the one hand, I'm so excited that October is just around the corner, and on the other hand I'm already panicked to get my holiday projects done. If you feel the same, list out those projects and post them by clicking the link below. And as Cheree said on her blog last week "We'll encourage you to get things done!" - I love that!
I have decided to open the TDT linkup earlier in order
to accommodate those who prepare their posts early,
so how does Monday night at 9:00pm CST sound to you?
If you need earlier, let me know in the comments,
otherwise this will be in effect starting next Tuesday.

Coin purse done!

Last week's goals:
✅1. RSS quilt - I want to finish it so we can take it to our granddaughter on September 23 - We are going this coming Friday instead (our daughter had the date wrong)I'm marking this as a finish because all I have left is binding it! I'm buying some color catchers today to have ready when I wash it.
✔2. Wedding quilt - Progress of a sort - I got it out ready to press because it has been in a drawer!
✔3. Crochet hat - I am almost ready to cinch up the top and decide if I want to add a pom-pom
✅4. Make myself a coin purse, style similar to this one I made in 2014 - Done and posted here

Brown Sugar Apple Pie, recipe here

In spite of the continued high 90s heat, last week I just had to make something apple-ish, and this hit all the spots. And cooler air finally came last night!

RSS quilt is ready to bind!

My playlist for the coming week:
1. Sew binding on RSS quilt and take to with us on Friday while we babysit our grandson so our daughter can go to the dentist. Our granddaughter will be in school, so our daughter will send us a photo of her with her new quilt.
2. Get The Wedding Quilt sandwiched and ready for quilting!
3. Finish crochet hat and start on my next crochet project - maybe another hat or maybe a scarf.
4. Look at my next two quilting projects: One is a quilt I started last September - Indian Corn - and the other project is the RBD (Riley Blake Designs) blocks, which I need to sew together with sashing.

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  1. I usually post mine on late Tuesday here! So when you are earlier that is great by me. Love the coin purse and the pie looks totally yummy. Will be looking forward the Riley Blake challenge finish of your top. I need to quilt mine, but won't be the next one I do but maybe the one after that.

  2. Sounds like a reasonable to do list for the week. The cooler weather has been so nice. Good luck with your list this week.

  3. I like your idea for an earlier link up party, because (for me) it's seem more productive, or it sounds more normal to make a list on Monday for the new week. Your apple pie looks delicious, thanks for the recipe. Looking forward to seeing your granddaughter's photo with her gift. Have a nice week and thanks for hosting To Do Tuesday.

  4. Your coin purse is so cute, and yum on the apple pie! Looking forward to seeing your RSS quilt finish, too. Enjoy that time with your grandson!

  5. I will continue working on my hexagons this week when I have time in the evening

  6. I too like the earlier link up party but only if it works for you too! I struggle enough to get my post out once a week; I can't imagine what it's like having that as well! Your pie looks scrumptious! Good luck on your to-do's!

  7. I have nothing to share this week. But your progress is going along nicely. That apple pie looks so delicious!


    1. Hi Michelle, I think you always have plenty to share - I love your posts! Thanks for leaving me your name. :)

  8. That little coin purse is adorable! You have had a good week. Enjoy your trip to see your daughter!

  9. What a cute coin purse! And fresh apple pie will hit the spot on a Fall day, even if your weather is still a bit warm. Enjoy!

  10. Your granddaughter's quilt is so fabulous, Linda. Love the colors that you uses. The apple pie looks so yummy and your coin purse is darling. Have a great week and thank you for hosting the link party.

  11. Oh Linda, that precious little coin purse takes me back to my childhood! I loved coin purses! The apple pie sounds awesome! We have been enjoying the cooler weather here in AL this week. I don't want it to get in the 90s again...but's fall in the south! LOL


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