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Thursday, January 26, 2023

I Like Thursdays 1-26-23

Welcome to my list of likes! I like the snow! After a day of rain/ice pellets/ snow, it finally turned to all snow and we got about 1/2 inch on Tuesday night. The temperature hovered at 32, so all of it was gone by morning.

My likes mainly involve my family, my kitties, weather - and food - lol! We loved this baked spaghetti I made on Sunday. I used this recipe with a few tweaks. We had it again Monday, and it was even better!

I liked our time with our daughter and her new beau at The Stix Icehouse. My heart is happy seeing her so happy. We haven't seen her smile so much, well, ever!

I am not as big an Eagles fan as my husband - they are OK but not my favorite band. However, my husband ordered a Blu-Ray of their 2018 tour, and I LOVE it! There were two "new guys" in the band - Vince Gill and Deacon Frey (pictured above), who filled in for his Dad, the late Glenn Frey. Deacon has since left the band to pursue his own career. He is so cute! He reminds me of the dashing Jon Snow on Game of Thrones.💖

LeeAnna sends out some optional "prompts" for each I Like Thursday post, and today's prompt is:
"What are your favorite colors? Do you wear them or decorate with them?
Is there a specific color your family would say is your favorite?
Has it changed in the last few years? Is it influenced by the seasons?"

My favorite color is blue. I don't really know the correct terminology (I'm sure Helen at Word Weaver Art could help me out here!) but I like the variations such as periwinkle, cobalt, royal, and teal. For decorating, I tend toward neutral gray paint that blues will complement. My favorite color has varied some, but never far from blue. For a long time my favorite color was Depression glass called Ultramarine, and I still love that color. As far as seasonal colors, in the fall I am always ready to welcome gold, pumpkin, and rich brown, but I like to add in blue. My wardrobe does not have enough blue in it - the clothes I am attracted to  (leggings and shirts) don't always come in blues!

How about you? Do you have varying favorite colors, or just one? And do you decorate or wear your favorite color?

If you have a minute, visit LeeAnna's blog and see other affirmative posts!


  1. Nice photo of your daughter-our hearts are happy when our kids are aren’t they? I like blue too, all shades and tints.

  2. I loved the Eagles back in the day! I don't know if I would like them as much with new people in the band - Glenn Frey was always a favorite. The baked pasta sounds great and I will look at the recipe. Glad you got a little snow it is always pretty to look at.

  3. I was excited for you when I saw your IG post of the snow. The spaghetti dish is mouth-watering. Blue is my most favorite color as well.

  4. Favorite is most any shade of green!! Chartreuse being the fav. But I am also drawn to reds and oranges. My wardrobe belies that because I have more blues and blacks in my clothing. LOL.

  5. Your baked spaghetti looks yummy! I may have to try that one. So glad you were able to meet your daughter's new beau - she definitely looks happy! Has he met the kids yet? We love the Eagles at our house - lots of good songs to sing along with! But wait - Vince Gill? I didn't know he was singing with them. I love those charts you can find online that help you put names with shades of colors. There are so many pretty shades of blue!

  6. great shot of the spaghetti... yum. One of my favorite all time dishes is anything spaghetti and sauce! Your daughter looks content and how wonderful to discover someone who loves you back, to share life with...LeeAnna

  7. I love the deep blue depression glass too, and Royal Ruby. I never knew the blue was called Ultramarine. Your baked spaghetti does look good. I'm always on the lookout for new recipes. The older I get, the less I like to cook.

  8. I saw your snow video on IG and hoped it would stick. I’m sorry it melted so quickly! Yum, your spaghetti looks delish!
    Cute couple! Your daughter and her beau look so happy!
    Your blue palette reminds me of all the colors in the ocean…just lovely!
    Take good care!

  9. Linda that baked spaghetti looks so yummy! I am still working on your last idea you gave me with loaded baked potato. LOL! Color - a total great prompt and subject. Your daughter looks totally happy which is awesome because everyone should be happy. Loved reading all of your likes and has inspired me to take that idea and run with. We need more positive in the world.

    1. It was good Peggy! Thank you for your lovely comments - have a great weekend!

  10. That baked spaghetti looks amazing! I like all those blues.

  11. I'm in the process of organizing our CD cabinet (My Guy is a huge music lover) and discovered we have Eagles CDs I didn't know about. They are one of my favorite bands, their solo stuff was pretty good too. Lots of nice favorites this week. I'm a big fan of blue too. Have a great weekend.

  12. I’m definitely going to check out baked spaghetti. It looks wonderful! That is a fun BLUE chart you found. As I was writing my post, I discovered I have lots of color in my surroundings and there always seems to be green. Sometimes I think I should go back to neutral walls and add color in the accessories. But I always think paint is cheaper than furniture and changed more easily!

  13. I had a college room mate who played his Eagles records over and over, one too many, that I don’t appreciate the band as I should, lol.

  14. Blue is a favorite here too, although I am in more of a teal phase these days. A little snow and gone the next day is perfect. I must say your casserole looks yum!

  15. I love that spaghetti recipe (the one I have doesn't have carrots, though). It is a perfect meal for a cold, dreary day. I'm happy to hear things are going well for your daughter. As far as colors: I like all colors, but my favorite has always been red, followed closely by pink and black. When I look on my fabric shelves, there is a lot of blue and green. I'm not sure why that happened.

  16. Linda - it is always joy to a momma's heart when her kids are happy! That baked spaghetti looks delicious!


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