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Thursday, January 12, 2023

I Like Thursdays 1-12-23

Today is my first time linking with LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color for her weekly linkup of likes and positive posts. Thank you Leeanna, for hosting this and for so kindly answering my endless questions! I have read I Like Thursdays on many of your blogs and enjoyed them so much, and I decided that 2023 would be a good year to join in.

The first thing I like (top photo) is having our dining room "back to normal" after having to move the table to accommodate our Christmas tree. Our dining room is the only place we can put the tree. We will probably buy a smaller tree next year and find another spot somewhere!

I like this granola. My daughter gave to me, and although
I thought I preferred my homemade granola, this one is delicious!

L-R: Rosie, Jack, Katy, Toby
If you have seen my photos on Instagram, you know I like seeing my kitties comfy!

I like having a small TV in my sewing room. 
My husband surprised me with this TV for Christmas. As you can see I don't have any cord management in place yet. And another thing I like is what is showing on the TV - The Philadelphia Story!

LeeAnna sends out "prompts" which may be included in I Like Thursdays posts, and the one for this week relates to calendars - do you use one, what kinds do you like, and how did you choose it? Is it digital or wall or a diary type sitting next to your laptop? Or do you have another system to remember things?

Well, my answer is pretty simple - I use the one on my iPhone and the one in MS Outlook on my laptop. And most of the time they actually sync! But I really need a wall calendar, because there are so many times I miss seeing a paper calendar and all the days at a glance. I remember Mom always had a big, long calendar from Citizens Security Bank that hung on a door in the kitchen that hid a pulldown ironing board, if you can imagine that. She always hated that pulldown and never used it, so I think she was trying to hide it - that calendar was big! I think I miss having that, because I keep looking around in my kitchen for a calendar, just to see what day it is! I did buy a 5-subject small notebook to use as a planning calendar, because I refuse to spend money on ridiculously priced planners. (Famous last words - I'll probably buy one at some point!)

Be sure to check out more positive posts at Not Afraid Of Color!


  1. I have a calendar book that I keep laying out on top of the microwave in the kitchen - we both write down our appointments and birthdays/things to do on that book so we both see what plans are. I don't keep a calendar in the sewing room of to do things as I do things when I want to and if I put it on a calendar I will change my mind for sure. I put a few things on my phone with a ding for a reminder - like a reminder to have Mike take the trash container to the road for pick up once a week that kind of thing. I try to keep appointments on my phone but somehow they never get up dated

  2. I use my Apple Calendar and it syncs with all devices, then I have the Choctaw Calendar hanging in the computer area in the Studio, along with the printed copies from my iMac. I give Clay a copy of 3 months for him and keep a set in the kitchen on my “important binder” protective cover. I am well covered with calendars and have found that day planners are not my thing. I had one when I worked and rarely used it! Old fashioned I guess to have a paper calendar plus reminders from my iPhone to my Apple Watch! Your dining room looks great!

  3. Linda, so glad you're joining in on I Like Thursday! Your dining room is beautiful! I did get a smaller tree this year and was so happy with it. It's still 6 feet tall, but not as big around - found it at Home Depot. I think your cats are so entertaining! It's always fun to see what they're up to. Your very own TV is a nice Christmas present, too! Happy Thursday!

  4. Welcome to I Like Thursday! I agree with you about the $$ of planners! I found mine on Amazon for not too much! $6.99 I think. Seems all office supplies are outrageous!
    We downsized our Christmas tree several years ago! I may go to a tabletop tree in the future! I’ve been thinking about a TV in my sewing room. Now with Firestick or Roku devices I could easily do that! Hmmmm!

  5. Love your kitties, I didn't realize you had four. Grad Girl brought her kitty for Christmas, and I miss having both of them lounging around the house. When I was working, I used my email calendar for everything. Now that I don't have that, I'm trying my phone calendar to see how I like that. I bought My Guy and Grad Girl custom wall calendars that had photos from our photo challenge this year. Now I'm sorry I didn't get one.

  6. oooo let's start with those pretty cats.... how cozy and sweet are they?? You are a great addition to the group! I know what you mean about decorations.... great to get them out and great when they are packed away again! In MD we had a tall thin tree so it fit (purchased on sale at Joann one year)
    ahhhh Philadelphia story, I cried buckets when TCM went away on our cable, I love old movies. My adoptive mother told me the father looked like Jimmy Stewart when she met him.

  7. hi there! love the dining room - it is gorgeous. Our tree was cute - not nearly as big as what we always had in the house prior - but I liked it. As for calendars - I bought a wall calendar for the first time in years and hung it on the inside of the pantry door. This would be incredibly helpful if only I spent more time standing inside the pantry with the door closed, looking at the calendar. Hmmm.......

  8. Fun to see you doing the I Like Thursday! post. Love seeing the cozy kitties and your dining room all in order. I mostly use the online calendar and an app called tick tick to manage my lists.

  9. Hi Linda! Welcome to the Thursday group. I think you'll enjoy posting and sharing your likes. It's amazing how many you find each week! Gosh, you have a beautiful dining room table. And, a gorgeous view from the table as well. I had no idea you had four cats!! I must not have paid attention to your friends on IG. I cannot imagine my sewing room without a TV. Seriously. I don't necessarily watch it but I do listen to it. Sometimes I'll look up and Sue is watching it so intently that I have to stop and watch, too. HAHA! Happy Thursday to you. Enjoy the weekend. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. I love this little "I Love Thursday" glimpse into your life.
    All the kitties look comfy!

  11. Welcome aboard. Your kitties are cute. The Philadelphia Story - that's a fun movie. I have almost everything on my online calendar, but I love having the one on the wall.

  12. Welcome to I Like Thursday! I know what you mean about getting your house back to normal. I love to get the Christmas decorations down once the holidays are over. I like getting my house back! I love that you have a TV in your sewing room. I've been thinking about doing the same thing. Your kitties are adorable and look very comfortable!

  13. You'll really enjoy having the tv! I use a portable DVD player and run a movie on my computer while I do crafts, sometimes! Welcome to the party! Hugs, Diane

  14. Linda - welcome to I Like Thursday, and thanks for visiting my blog! My husband is the cook in our house, and your mention of granola reminded me that he used to make batches of home-made granola that were lower in sugar than most store brands. I just mentioned this to him - some of the delish granola might be in my future!

    1. Yes I love to make my own too! Maybe your husband can copycat it. :)

  15. I read several blog posts this year where people had purchased or planned to purchase a taller skinnier tree. One like that might work for us but we sometimes use a 3 foot tree on a stool. I have a bigger tv in my studio but I seldom watch it. I prefer to listen to an audio book which I do frequently. Have a great weekend.


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