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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

To Do Tuesday 1-10-23

Another beautiful sunrise yesterday morning!

I'm excited to link my post today with Carol at Quilt Schmilt and other bloggers for To Do Tuesday! There were 32 bloggers who joined Carol last week on her first week as TDT host. You can join the fun by clicking on the link in her blog post!

Everett and Delaney at Mooyah. Yes, Everett is wearing a headband!
We met our daughter and The Littles on Saturday at Mooyah and enjoyed some good burgers and fries with them. Our daughter was happier than we have seen her in a long, long time (actually - ever!), mainly the result of meeting a new "friend" in her divorce group at her church. They have attended church together, met for lunch, and texted quite a bit. It has been a long and difficult year for her, so she certainly deserves some fun in her life!


I did pretty good on my goals last week:
✔1. Make the starting block for SAHRR - I didn't make it, but at least I picked fabrics, a pattern, and started cutting!
✅2. Piece backing, sandwich, and quilt Kaleidoscope - Done and posted here!
✅3. Make RBD challenge block - Done!
✅4. Get started on Cross My Heart QAL - Got all the pieces cut and started on first blocks!

Toby giving me the side-eye because I haven't finished my starting SAHRR block

And my playlist for the coming week:
1. Continue to work on SAHRR block
2. Make RBD challenge block for this week
3. Try to finish Cross My Heart quilt

Go to Carol's linkup to see lots of inspiration right here:


  1. I'm glad your daughter is adjusting, I'm sure it must be hard but joining a group of others going through the same thing might be helpful.

  2. Seeing your kids happy is the best! I’m getting anxious to be back home with my “stuff”! I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the thing I want to participate in! Silly! Isn’t it? Probably just me , anxious about out traveling to get home. The weather is pretty iffy currently. Anyway, have a good week! ps: I like Everett’s headband, like “sis’s”!

  3. We hurt when our kids, young adults hurt. It is good to hear that your daughter is finding happiness again. Your kaleidoscope quilt is stunning! I've never linked to the TO DO posts but may consider it. I love checking things off of my list.

  4. Oh, how great for your daughter! It's so hard when your kids are unhappy - so much worry. Your littles are so cute - I bet that was a fun lunch! Pretty fabrics for your SAHRR block. I don't know if I'll join in yet, but probably won't be able to resist!

  5. If your daughter is feeling better and is happy, you are happy also, right?
    You have great goals and projects to play with this week, have fun, Linda.

  6. The kids are lovely and I love how siblings like to copy each other, especially the younger ones towards the older. The Kaleidoscope Quilt is totally amazing, vibrant. Yay for your daughter.

  7. Hi Linda! Oh, that picture of E&D is priceless. Yay for DD having some fun in her life. She deserves it. We have a headband craze going on with our littles, too. Addison wears them to match her outfit (of course) and Dominic wears them because they keep his ears warm (the fabric kind). I'm sure Chase will be sporting them very soon. HAHA! I didn't realize cats, in general, and Toby specifically are so good at the side-eye! Geez. You have plenty of time for your center block in spite of what Mr. Side-eye says. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. Your grandbabies are darling, Linda. It is so good that you got to spend time with them and how wonderful that your daughter is in a good place. You did a great job on meeting last week's goals. Wishing you another productive week. Happy quilting.

  9. Precious babies! So Cute! So very excited to hear the good news for your daughter. Alone with 2 children is no fun, and to have a friend to text, talk, visit, and have lunch with is great for your daughter! Looking like a good year for your family! Hugs

  10. Yours grands are so cute! I hope everything works out for your daughter. We always want the best for our children and suffer with them when they are going through tough times. I like the sprinkling of sawtooth stars in your kaleidoscope quilt.

  11. It's always nice to spend time with the Grands. I'm glad your daughter is doing better. I love the colors in Kaleidoscope. Well done!


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