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Friday, February 24, 2023

I Like Thursdays 2-23-23

Please ignore the mess on the longarm table!

I am joining LeeAnna and other bloggers to list my "Likes" for the week! My big like this past week is my new "stepper"! I like that it was not expensive, takes up little space, is portable, stores easily in my sewing closet, and I can do my stepping while watching TV. I found it on Amazon, right here.

Hubs and I are enjoying a new-to-us show on the History Channel called Dirty Old Cars. There is something very satisfying about seeing a dirty car cleaned up and brought back to life!

LeeAnna has suggested our prompt this week as "what thoughtful things does your special person do for you, or you do for them?" My special person is The Hubs, and he does and has done many meaningful little and big things throughout our marriage. Here are just a few:
  • I like that he preps our coffee every night at 9:30. He has the percolator set on a timer, and we wake up to that good-smelling brew every morning.
  • I like that he is always thinking ahead to do things for my comfort. 
  • I like that he pulls the car out of the garage most mornings just to let the four kitties go roll on the garage floor, sniff in the corners and under the saw tables, look for bugs, and be "outside" - something they all seem to enjoy.
  • I like that he remembers that I prefer one particular spoon for my soup.
  • I like that he purchases something he knows I won't buy for myself, usually something chocolate, when he goes to the grocery store by himself. I always fuss at him, but I like it!
  • I like that he remembers the birthdays of my parents, even though they have been gone for years.
  • Since we moved to north Texas I have been unable to do much yardwork, since I seem to be allergic to the "chiggers" which are plentiful in our yard. I like that he willingly took on weeding my flower and vegetable gardens to keep me from itching.
  • I like that, prior to my foot surgery, he had me show him everything I do for my cats, from feeding them special treats to cleaning the litter box, and he did it every day until I was able to resume my kitty duties.
As far as what I do for him, I like to provide him comfort, and I try to anticipate his needs. It is how I was raised and it gives me joy!

What about you and your special someone, do you enjoy those little things? Be sure to check out more positive posts at LeeAnna's blog - Not Afraid Of Color!


  1. Oh I'm loving that stepper. It is similar to my Cubi but standing up. I have an elliptical trainer in the basement, not convenient like your stepper. But the star of this post is your wonderful hubby. What a great two so suit each other! I'm so glad in this big wide world you found each other!

  2. wow I wish my husband was as thoughtful as yours :) really this is the opposite in my house

  3. That stepper is neat! If you're like me, most of our exercise is from walking, and sometimes the weather isn't conducive to getting outside (like right now in Colorado). I could use a gadget like that! That sounds like a fun show, too. Mike loves old cars - I wonder if he'd enjoy that one. Your hubby sounds like a keeper! It really is all those sweet little things that make a difference.

  4. What a lovely uplifting post <3 My husband is thoughtful in different ways - one of the biggest is when he drove 7 hours each way in June 2020 to bring me the sewing machine I'd left at our Arizona home (his job is in AZ, mine is in TX, though I work remote and travel to AZ often, but not during 2020). The machine I had in Texas needed repair and it was going to be a long time without a machine. We met in Van Horn (the halfway point between the two houses) so I could have a machine to keep me from going crazy that summer. He's not big on flowers or gifts, but he is always there when I need or want him, so he's stuck with me for the duration, lol. I'm so sorry to hear you aren't able to do much yard work (those doggone chiggers are nasty, ugh), I'm the one in our family that enjoys it and spend far more time outside than in when it's warm. I'm going to check out the dirty car show - another blogger turned me on to a you tuber called 'The Detail Geek'. He regularly publishes videos of cleaning really nasty cars, and it really is mesmerizing to see the transformation. I simultaneously feel better about the state of our cars and guilty that I don't clean them more often, lol. As usual, I'm posting an essay, lol. Happy weekend!

  5. I love this post! Stair Stepper looks like fun! Hugs

  6. Linda - in the summer, I can run outside in my neighborhood, but snow and ice in the winter prevents that. So, I run on the treadmill while watching TV - I get through a lot of programs that way and it makes the hour go fast! It sounds like you are appropriately pampered by your husband - as it should be. I am sure he gets his share of special treatment from you too! Joining you from I Like Thursday!

    1. We have had two treadmills in the past, and they ended up being clothes hangers - lol! Thanks for visitiing!

  7. Your husband sounds like a thoughtful man. So sweet! I love how you described what you do for him – and I’m sure he appreciates you as well! 😊

  8. The stepper is a great idea. I so enjoyed reading your list of things your husband does for you and how you answered the question of what you do for him. That, my friend, is marriage goals for all of us!!!

  9. Linda I love you! Now I love your hubs too! And the cats!!! lol
    I missed this post last week, but it was a fun surprise to see this week, thanks. I read your hubs' thoughtful list to my hubs... hint...

  10. I like your quilt for the donation - it's a pretty one, and a great squirrel project. You'll get the others done, too! It's great to have guys that do all those little things for us, isn't it? Yours sounds like a keeper for sure!


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