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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Little Green Apples Blog Hop - My Day

Today is my day on the Little Green Apples Blog Hop, hosted by the fabulous Carol at Just Let Me Quilt. At the end of my post, the links for the entire four days are included so you won't miss any of the posts! Be sure to visit the other posts for today.

My Little Green Apples flimsy

Painting of my childhood farm

Green apples remind me of the house in northeast Oklahoma where I spent most of my childhood and lived until I got married. We moved into the house in 1958. There was a big barn and hay field behind us and a milk farm next to us and all sorts of new adventures for my 10 year old self. The house had been built in 1940 and had an old orchard in the field next to it that included apple and peach trees. In the painting above (painted by Helen Eaton at Word Weaver Art from one of my old photos), the orchard was to the left of that big tree. After a storm, the orchard would flood with about a foot of water and it became a playground for me to toss fallen green apples into the water and see what kind of splash they could make. Granny would ask me to gather a bunch so she could make green apple pies in the summer. That is my Brown Sugar Apple Pie pictured above, but it looks a lot like the ones Granny used to make - you get the idea!

Bea's cover version "pops" more than mine, and you can more clearly see the design.

The challenge was to make something with green or green apple-themed or both In the beginning I had a different pattern and fabric picked out, ordered my fabric on February 10, and waited. I finally canceled the backorder and decided to go with a different pattern. I ultimately chose the cleverly designed "Apple Pie" pattern from Bea Quilter. In my version there are "green apples" as well as hints of their pinkish skin as they ripen. And I found the neatest fabric for the outer border - glowing fireflies against a black background (see photo below). We had a lot of fireflies on our farm at night!

I ordered Key Lime Grunge for the smaller inner border

 I'm so excited about this sweet firefly fabric! It will be the outer border.

The flimsy is currently 27-1/2" x 39-1/2", and after two borders are added, final size will be about 36" x 48". When finished, this quilt will go to the pastor at my daughter's church for use as either a baby quilt or a wheelchair lap quilt.

Thank you so much, Carol, for all your hard work in hosting such a fun event!


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  1. What a nice quilt that is going to be. Beautiful fabrics. The pie looks tasty too.

  2. Great job! Your quilt turned out beautifully and I also LOVE that border fabric. So sweet. I enjoyed walking down Memory Lane with you during your childhood. Such warm memories.

  3. Your quilt is very cute! She will be a lovely gift. It's nice you have so many good memories of your childhood home. Happy stitching!

  4. Aww that turned out nice! Did you link to my pattern on the website?

  5. Beautiful quilt! The lime green really pops and brightens the whole piece.

  6. I have never seen firefly fabric before, that will just make your quilt darling.

  7. I love your apple pie quilt. The fabrics you went with are so bright and cheery. That key lime grunge really makes it sing! What a treasure to have that painting of where you grew up.

  8. Your brown sugar apple pie looks delicious. i've never made one. Is it difficult to make? We have lors of apples here in Nova Scotia

  9. for your apple pie you just change out the white sugar for brown sugar? sounds good! love the colors you used in the flimsy

  10. That's going to make a sweet donation quilt, Linda! Thanks for sharing your story of the farm to go along with your Hop project. Oh, and that Key Lime Grunge inner border? LOVE!!!

  11. Beautiful -- I love the colors! The firefly fabric makes a perfect outer border. Your quilt will be a lovely gift!

  12. I love the story of your life on the farm. It must have been glorious! The pie looks delish and your quilt is beautiful. I really like the more subtle colors in yours.

  13. Linda, what a sweet quilt and an even sweeter memory! I love that firefly fabric! Fireflies are a miracle to me! I’ve never seen one, we don’t have them in Wyoming “

  14. How wonderful to make a quilt inspired by your childhood memories, Linda! Such pretty colors and design. I love that firefly fabric, too! I might have trouble donating this one and want to keep it... 💚

  15. What a lovely quilt. The pie looks yummy! It looks like a wonderful place to grow up! Thanks so much for sharing!

  16. Your apple pie quilt looks so sweet in those it! That firefly fabric is so fun! The first and only time I ever saw a firefly was in Washington, DC. Thanks for sharing about where you grew up and the other memories. It sounds like a wonderful childhood!

  17. What a happy spring quilt! I love Grunge fabrics! Sandie@crazyboutquilts (it wouldn't let me sign in with my google account~ gremlins!) :-)

  18. Love your project - perfect for the hop. I do like the border fabric you chose. Brown Sugar Pie makes my mouth water - perhaps brown sugar is what I should use in my apple pies. Usually, they don't quite come up to my expectations. Loved your memories of the apples and the orchard - so sweet.

  19. PS Can you send me your Brown Sugar Pie recipe or is it a family secret?

  20. What a sweet quilt! I LOVE that firefly fabric!!!

  21. Love your flimsy and the stories of your time on the farm and throwing apples into the water! I can smell my grandmother's pie, looking at yours. It is making me pretty darn hungry!

  22. Beautiful quilt! I love the colors you chose, and that border fabric is adorable! I love fireflies. There aren't any where I live. Loved seeing the painting of your childhood home, and your pie looks delicious. I am sure your quilt will be appreciated and loved.

  23. Well, scrolling through this one gave me a surprise and made me smile. It warms my heart that you love the painting.

  24. Linda, your quilt is so fresh and springy. I love the fabrics you chose and what warm childhood memories of gathering apples for your grandma's pie baking. Your Brown Sugar Apple Pie looks delicious . Happy Wednesday

  25. Thanks for sharing your happy memories, and your adorable quilt!

  26. Linda I loved reading of your childhood home and can just imagine you dropping apples out of the tree to make a splash. This sweet little quilt has such pretty fabrics in it. Im sure it was appreciated at the church on such an eventful weekend. Your pie looks so yummy I might have to invest in a $12.00 bag of apples on my next grocery shop to enjoy the taste that I'm craving now. :)

  27. I like your quilt and Bea's example. I love that you used one of your fellow hopper's patterns for this project. The apple pie looks delicious, and I will have to look that recipe up, because I never heard of it, and I love apple pie! Your childhood sounds just right.

  28. Love your fabric choices for the quilt. Your story was such a great read, but now I really am craving apple pie. Yours looks so delish!

  29. I lived in Central Pennsylvania for a few years in the early 1990's. That is the only time I had the fun of fireflies in summer months. They are so fun to sit and watch. My boys were little then and we all loved them. The quilt is lovely - the colors are so pretty. Looking forward to seeing the finish and I wish I had just a bite (or 2!) of some of your apple pie with my coffee this morning.

  30. It's going to be a great quilt!!! The fabrics are very pretty and go extremely well together.


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