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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

To Do Tuesday 3-21-23

Toby, right before he used the pressing mat to sharpen his claws

Wow what a fast week. I did get a few things done though, how about you? I am joining with Carol and other bloggers today for To Do Tuesday, where we list accomplishments (or lack of) and make plans for the coming week. Let's see what happened here last week.

Everett and Laney helping Papaw find "poop". They love poop duty - lol!
We had The Littles from Monday until Thursday, when we delivered them back to Mommy. She got to have some much needed alone time, and we enjoyed having them to ourselves! While they were here, they made quilts, baked cookies, played outside, petted the dogs, tried to find the kitties (they were mostly hiding), and kept Papaw and Grandma busy. They both cried a little for Mommy the first night, but after that they were fine. We've never had them that long, and it was really enjoyable. We are already planning for another visit in the summer.

Everett and Delaney sewing!

Mommy took their pictures when they got home because Grandma forgot!
When I asked them if they wanted to make a quilt, they got excited. They chose fabric from the scrap bins, then I cut the pieces to 2-1/2 inch squares. They arranged them on the design wall, then we started sewing rows. Laney was able to reach the foot pedal and did some sewing by herself - she did great! For Everett I had to hold the fabric plus operate the foot pedal, so he didn't get to sew as much, but he was OK with that. I had them pick backing and then help me sandwich them; then they chose binding fabric and thread for front and back, and Grandma finished them up. Their quilts were the first thing they showed Mommy!

The last night they were here, I caught a virus that really knocked me for a loop, and I was pretty exhausted after they left. Almost back to normal now. I rarely get sick, so I'm guessing it was from the little visiting germ factories!

Here is my list from last week:
✅1. Keep The Littles until Thursday! - Done and loved (almost) every minute.😉
✅2. Start on Little Green Apples project - Flimsy done - my day is tomorrow!
✅3. Work on Cross My Heart - Backing on design wall, ready to sandwich!
❌4. Work on SAHRR and try to do a post - I took apart my elements and will be redoing this project!
❌5. Catch up on RBD blocks - Printed the patterns - that's as far as I got

My playlist for the coming week:
1.Get Cross My Heart sandwiched and quilted. We will see our DIL on April 1 to present it!
2. RBD blocks
3. Start on a new quilt

Be sure to visit Carol's linky for lost of squirrel-spiration and fun!


  1. What fun you had last week.( well,except for the "sick" part at the end) . Glad you are better! I'm anxious to hop along with the Little Green Apples projects that everyone will do. Sorry you had to REDO the SAHRR. I had a year like that in 2021! Some turned out amazing, mine, Meh!!

  2. Oh, I forgot to ask.Is your pressing mat ruined ? Or did you catch him just in time? EEKK!

  3. I find children are germ factories also! glad you had a good visit

  4. I love E and D's cute little quilts! What fun! (All except for the virus...) Looking forward to seeing your blog hop project, too!

  5. How sweet are those quilts! I hope to someday do that with Squish. Right now she sits on my lap and points to the buttons on the machine, and we are learning to not put our fingers near the needle. But I don't do much sewing, just a few stitches. For the most part she just pulls everything out of the bins and boxes! LOL

  6. Oh dear. So I have a great answer to the cat scratching issue as my Chloe used to try to sharpen her claws on my bolts of fabric, and has even attempted it on my batting and design wall. If you have an IKEA around, they have these sissel cat scratching mats that can velcro around the leg of furniture--mine is on a leg of my cutting table and she uses it daily, sometimes more. Not once has she attempted anything else in my sewing room since I got it! (They're $13 at IKEA, $20 on Amazon). My next trip to IKEA will have me coming home with several more! How fun to sew with grandkids! Mine are still a little young but I did let them choose a layout with squares for a tiny quilt the last time they stayed over.

  7. The grand's visit sounds like a lot of fun. It is great they had an interest in sewing and they got to play with fabric. I'm looking forward to your hop post tomorrow.

  8. Ah! Yes! How I remember the days of littles sitting on my lap to 'sew'! Sounds like a great time for all this past week!

  9. Looks like a fun time was had by all, except for you catching the bug, and maybe not for the cats (LOL). I have to hide my larger wool mats from Wilbs - he loves to sharpen his claws on them. I need to clip his nails - have to keep reminding myself!

  10. I am glad everyone had a great time! I used to have young ones press the presser foot with hands not feet….the love it…as their hands have better control. Sorry you got sick…hope you are feeling better.

  11. Your grandkids are adorable, love their pictures sewing.I have sweet memories sewing with my mother. Their mini quilts are pretty. Have a nice week, Linda.

  12. Naughty Toby, made me laugh though. Oh what adorable wee quilts your grandies made. Liking poop duty! Really! Kids! Hope you keep going on the mend from that virus.

  13. LOVE that they showed their quilts to Mommy just as she arrived!! I know you had some big fun. Sorry to hear you caught a nasty bug from the germ factories! :o((

  14. It sounds like ya'll had the most fantastic time except for the "bug". Your grandbabies are dolls, Linda and what a wonderful memory you made with them working on quilts.

  15. Linda it sounds like Toby was jealous and trying to get your attention! I'm happy to hear you had so much fun with the littles. Sewing is always fun when you get to hold a little in your lap. Soon Everett will be doing it by himself. I hope you are over your bug and getting back to normal. FYI My Delaney is now taller than I am (she's only 13!). Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday. Good luck with your fun list this week.

  16. I had to see what cat paws were doing on the To Do Tuesday linky party. Too funny. Did the wool mat get hurt in the sharpening. Looks like the grands had a wonderful time. Love that the had fun quilting. I sure understand the exhaustion after they departed plus you had a virus on top. Hope you've fully recovered.


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