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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

To Do Tuesday 3-20-23

Today's post will be brief - I am composing it on Monday, about 2 hours before The Littles arrive for a 3-night stay. Yesterday we had breakfast at a local cafe, then I cleaned bathrooms and kitchen while Hubs cleaned the yard of dog "poo" and mowed, so the kiddos can play outside. This morning we still need to vacuum tons of pet hair and dust!

As you can see, last week's list mostly begged for attention. All I can say is, there were many distractions!
❌1. Finish up Cross My Heart
❌2. Catch up and finish SAHRR
❌3. Catch up on RBD challenge blocks
❌4. Start on Little Green Apples project hosted by Carol at Just Let Me Quilt
✅5. Take The Littles to school and preschool on Thursday, then take dogs to the vet

On the list this week:
1. Keep The Littles until Thursday!
2. Start on Little Green Apples project
3. Work on Cross My Heart
4. Work on SAHRR and try to do a post
5. Catch up on RBD blocks

Linking up with our gracious host Carol at Quilt Schmilt, and you can find her linky right here!


  1. Have fun with the kiddos! There will be time for sewing after they have left.

  2. It's hard to get much done on a To-Do list when there are fun distractions like the grandkids coming over! I'll enjoy seeing your project for the blog hop - is that coming up next week? Have fun!

  3. Aw have fun with the littles and good luck on your list

  4. Hi Linda! WOW!! I can't imagine cutting the grass in March. Our lawn is buried underneath a healthy layer of snow. Enjoy all that time with the littles. They will wear you out like no one else can - you can be sure to sleep well after they leave. Good luck with your list for the week. {{Hugs}} a bunch! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. And sometimes life gets in the way! Time with your Littles is way more important than a to-do list! Enjoy your week! If your hubby was able to mow and the kids can be outside, Spring must be happening there. We still have lots of snow, but 53 and sun predicted for today. So maybe some will go before it snows again tomorrow!

  6. Hi Linda! I bet you have great distractions with the kids. Have fun!

  7. You have a fun week ahead of you, Linda. I know you will be smothering the kiddos with love and kisses. Have a great time .

  8. Enjoy your littles this week! It will go fast.

    1. Thank you Peggy - yes we are astounded that it is already Wednesday!

  9. Let's see Thursday will be here before you know it! Little ones can wear you out quickly! Hugs

  10. I'm sure you will enjoy your littles this week! I'll have mine over this Saturday if all stay well. They are just getting over some bug.

  11. Hope you have been enjoying The Littles and all the best with whatever you get to pick up off your list Linda.

  12. You have a lot ahead of you, and are certainly going to be busy with three little ones in the house. Going out for breakfast sounds wonderful! I don’t think I have been out to breakfast in eight years. That hardly seems possible, but it’s true. Pattie

  13. Hi Linda. Seems to me you managed to get a check mark on the most important item on your list last week and this week gets to be more of the same? Lucky you! Starting off with breakfast out is a great way to start things off and reward yourselves in advance for being on poop and bathroom duties. Thank you for linking with TDT. It's always nice to see your smiling face.

  14. Hope you are getting to your list! I am sure you thoroughly enjoyed your Littles visit.


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