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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

To Do Tuesday 3-7-23

Another Tuesday has quickly arrived, and it is time to look back at To Do list from last week and look forward to plans for the coming week. To Do Tuesday is hosted by Carol of Quilt Schmilt, and you can find her linkup and links to many inspirational posts right here.

Looking from our house to the west as this complex of storms was dropping heavy hail west of us 

Last week was a week of distractions. There was turbulent weather all day Thursday with heavy, large hail and a few spinup tornadoes, but we were lucky to receive only a bit of pea-sized hail and wind.

Another distraction was a couple of room rearrangements, selling some furniture, moving furniture around, and driving to pick up a Marketplace purchase. It seems the older we get, the more fun we have rearranging and reorganizing - lol!

And finally, Friday started out as a day to watch The Littles while Jenni and John went out of town. Well it turned into a wedding day for our daughter and new son-in-law! The original plan was to drive to his hometown to visit his Dad, but he surprised Jenni by taking her to a Justice of the Peace, with his Dad as witness. They spent the weekend visiting his college and meeting many friends, eating out, and just enjoying his small hometown. They are planning a small wedding with family and friends at their current church in November. This romance and marriage all happened rather fast, but we are happy for them because they are so happy!

HST Quilt
On Sunday Jenni and John attended his hometown church and presented the pastor with a small quilt, which will either be a baby quilt or wheelchair quilt. You can read about that quilt right here.

Today my husband and I had visits to the dermatologist. I will have three skin cancer surgeries in April. Recovery is supposed to be easy, so I don't anticipate not being able to sew!

Let's see how I did with the list from last week:
❌1. Finish up Cross My Heart - No progress
❌2. Catch up and finish SAHRR - No progress
❌3. Catch up on RBD challenge blocks - No progress
✅4. Babysit with Everett on Friday! - Done!

Here is the playlist for the coming week - mostly carryovers from last week:
2. Finish up Cross My Heart
3. Catch up and finish SAHRR
4. Catch up on RBD challenge blocks
5. Start on Little Green Apples project hosted by Carol at Just Let Me Quilt
6. Take The Littles to school and preschool on Thursday, then take dogs to the vet

Hope you have a great week!


  1. Congratulations to Jenni and John! Wishing them many years of happiness! No fun on the skin cancer surgeries, but best to get them done, right? Hope that nasty weather stays away! We had cold and freezing rain today - brrr!

  2. Congratulations to your daughter and new son-in-law. Nasty looking clouds over your way. We are having a little cold snap although not all that cold. Lots of white blossoms on the trees now. I need to figure out what trees are blooming now. Hope you get everything done on your goals list this week.

  3. What an exciting week for you! Congratulations on your new son-in-law. Enjoy your littles!

    1. Thank you Peggy! We hope we can get together with them soon and properly celebrate their marriage. Hope your week is going well.

  4. Oh my that is fast isn't it after recently getting divorced I hope all goes smoothly for them. Good luck on the skin cancer surgeries I had a couple spots checked last year and removed but they were just related to age I guess thank goodness. It seems we keep getting more skin spots the older we get - I guess we should have listened to the old grandmas back in the 50's-70's and put on a hat and keep our faces protected instead we were laying out in the sun

  5. How lovely...we just had my daughter's wedding as well. Was a small affair, the way they had planned it and it was great to see how happy they were. Love it when people just follow their heart and I bet your daughter and son-in-law had the bestest day.

  6. What an notable week you had! Weather spotter action, acquiring a new SIL ( so glad she is happy) and medical appointments. I love the little quilt that Jenni and John took to his hometown church. Good for you to use up those leftover triangles. I save mine too, but so far they are still laying in a tote! Looking forward to seeing the finish of Cross Your Heart. That's a cutie too!

  7. Congratulations on the wedding, and the followup wedding! Good luck with your skin cancer surgery...never fun but needed. You did well last week, here's to a good week for you!

  8. Congratulations to your daughter and new son-in-law. I'm wishing all the best! I can certainly understand how the creative list went by the wayside with all your other activities last week. Hope all goes well with your appointment and upcoming surgeries.

  9. Wow that was a big week for sure, with a surprise marriage thrown in. Yes the important aspect is happiness for sure. All the best for the coming week's plans.

  10. Congrats to your daughter--I'm glad she has found happiness again! That HST quilt is really cute! (Need to get busy with my HSTs--I literally have thousands!)

  11. How wonderful! Blessings and best of wishes for them!!

  12. Wow! What a surprise! I wish them and their whole family all the best!

  13. So sweet! Congratulations on the new SIL, and to Jenni & John.

  14. Hi Linda! Wow, those were some nasty looking storm clouds dropping hail. Big congrats to the newlyweds! How exciting. I'm so glad to hear they are very happy. Everyone deserves that! Gosh, I'm sorry you are having to have three skin surgeries. I had only one surgery July 3, 2021. The biopsy came back and they need to take an additional layer off, but both surgeries were very easy and mostly painless. One round of Tylenol and I was good to go. I hope you experience something similar. {{Hugs}} a bunch, my friend! ~smile~ Roseanne

  15. That HST quilt is gorgeous, Linda. Love it.
    A huge congrats to the very happy couple and family. Sometimes love is like that; when you know this is the one you just know. Tony has had many little surgeries on his face and one big one on his back to remove skin cancers. Skin cancer is one of 4 cancers he has overcome in his life! It all worked out well. Usually these days he gets them zapped as they appear. Good luck with it; modern medicine is wonderful.

  16. Linda your week had to be just the best ever! What a sweet, thoughtful surprise John had planned for your Jenni. They do look happy and so in love. The little quilt is so cute and I'm sure they appreciated the quilt at the church. Now you get to have the fun of helping plan a "real" wedding to look forward to after dealing with your surgeries. All I can say is good luck, many prayers and the wish for a speedy recovery. Thank you for taking the time to link with TDT. I always look forward to reading your posts. The weather sure did look ugly during that storm. It's snowing here as I'm writing this post. :(

  17. I'm very late with this comment, but congratulations to Jenni and John! How exciting for them! I hope that your surgeries go well and recovery is quick!


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