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Sunday, April 23, 2023

Beautiful Mini and Scrappy Celebration on Sunday

Melva who blogs at Melva Loves Scraps recently had a birthday and celebrated by giving away some beautiful mini quilts she had stitched together. I entered her drawing and was among the lucky winners! She sent me this beautiful mini quilt, and I am blown away by her artful work on it. I love the fabrics she used, and the stitching/quilting is magnificent.

Here is the back - I love this delicate print

Look at that this colorful matchstick quilting!

And guess what - it perfectly matches the accent color on my Janome and is just the right size for my scissors and rippers! Thank you so much Melva!

All People Quilt publishes a magazine called American Patchwork and Quilting, and I was a subscriber many years ago. I still have a few that I just cannot throw away. I have recently become interested in them again, but now I purchase the digital copies. Scrappy Celebration Quilt-Along celebrates APQ's 30th anniversary. I resisted joining in until I saw that Carolyn of Quarer-Inch Capers was belatedly joining, so that gave me the push I needed!

The 63-1/2 inch by 72-1/2 inch quilt is from a pattern by Lissa Alexander aka Moda Lissa and is available in the April 2023 APQ magazine. It consists of 12 groups of 9-1/2 inch blocks, and I am currently on group B.

Group A blocks
Although the pattern calls for matching the fabrics within each set of blocks, mine are totally scrappy. I was not sure I liked my decision when I saw the wild scrappiness of my group A blocks, but they have been on my design board for awhile and are growing on me now.

I had these scraps neatly stacked, but Toby didn't like my stacks, so he took a swipe at them

I plan to do more color groups, and hopefully this project will be good to reduce the bulk in my scrap bins - but you know how that goes!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. that is a pretty pattern you show. I used to get a lot of magazines but as they got thinner and more and more ads I have dropped them and only pick one up once in a big while. Something has to really grab for to buy it as so many of the patterns are just a different color of previous quilts it seems. Same pattern different look.

  2. Really I don't think there is a chance of using every scrap, BUT every bit counts in my book!!! It will be fun watching your quilt grow:)

  3. What a fun win, Linda! I love the look of matchstick quilting, but have never tried it. Looks like you found the perfect spot for this little mini quilt, too! I really like your scrappy blocks - they're fun to look at! I have had the same thing happen, though - make several blocks for a project and then be not so sure about them. Hope these continue to grow on you!

  4. How cool that your new mini matches your new machine. Scrappy Celebrations is on my bucket list, but probably not for a while. I'll be curious to see how your version turns out since you went with a very different color palette.

  5. That is one sweet little win! Love these scrappy squares. Look so pretty all together, don't they.

  6. What a sweet mini! And I love your blocks!!! Can't wait to see this come together.

  7. I bought the same issue of American Patchwork and Quilting so I can make that scrap quilt! I haven't got to it yet but I'm glad I have the pattern. Congrats on the win!

  8. I never cease to be amazed by all of the very cool things that you do. You are the kind of person I would like to hang out with for a day or two. Pattie @ Olga-Podrida

  9. I meant “Olla” not “Olga.” Oh, the mortification!

  10. Wow! That is one lovely mini! What a cool way to stitch up a Drunkard’s Path!
    I love your squares – the scrappy ones. With the beige background (of your design board) they come together. Yes, ma’m, it’s very pretty.
    Oh Toby! I guess he has better ideas! 😊

  11. your scrappy is going to be amazing!! I think that looks like a very cool quilt!

  12. I love that fabric on the back of the mini as well. <3 It was a win from Alycia when she was clearing out pink scraps... And the gift goes on. =D


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