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Thursday, April 20, 2023

I Like Thursdays 4-20-23

I'm joining LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color today to celebrate our likes for the week! My first like is Rosie, who "hid" in the towels as I was gathering them for laundry, then made muffled meowing sounds until I "found" her.

Letterz Solo
I like my son's new game in the app store! He has been a complete computer nerd since the 1980s, and now he works for a company that writes programs for other companies. In his spare time, he created a Scrabble-type game for his wife's family and our family where we can all play against each other and decided to release the solo version to the app store before he releases the multi-player version. It is fun to play against the computer, and you can choose Easy, Normal, or Hard. I have beat Hard a couple times - yay! If you enjoy Scrabble and don't like ads, download this and play it! Be sure to search for the exact title - Letterz Solo - otherwise it will take awhile for it to pop up in the search.

I like my little garden. I miss my big gardens but not where they were located (south Texas). It doesn't look like much so far, but I planted four tomatoes and two bell peppers and will plant Scarlet Runner beans, zinnias, morning glories, and a few herbs. It will be crowded but fun!

Confederate Jasmine
LeeAnna's prompt for the week?

Make a list of some of your favorite smells or scents. What do these make you think about? Was there a special memory associated with one of them?

In no particular order:
Cinnamon. This smell takes me back to the smell and taste of my fraternal grandmother's cinnamon rolls. When we visited her in Chelsea, Oklahoma, she always had a pan of them sitting on her stove, which was right next to her back door. My cousin Weezie and I played and ran in and out of her back door, always grabbing a roll as we passed. Granny didn't put icing on hers. Instead, the rolls were allowed to cool in the pan, and the cinnamon/sugar filling oozed out and formed a soft crust on the bottom. I can "almost" replicate her rolls, but they will never be quite like hers.

Coconut. Years ago Bath and Body Works had a scent called "Creamy Coconut". After years of wearing perfumes, I began to use Creamy Coconut body lotion and stopped using perfume. It really worked with my body chemistry, and I had many compliments on the light and pleasant scent. Alas, B&BW stopped making it! I still miss it. Now I use Palmer's Cocoa Butter, and I do like the fragrance.

Hamburgers grilling or griddling. This smell makes me instantly hungry. During my childhood our family occasionally indulged in burgers from a little drive-in called "Vick's". Their cheeseburgers were cooked on a griddle, simply dressed with mustard, onion, and pickles, and wrapped in a foil wrapper, which somehow enhanced the flavor - at least in my memory!

Star Jasmine. Often called Confederate Jasmine, I have planted this vine n many of my past gardens These dark green leaved, fast-growing vines bloom prolifically with small white star shaped blooms that smell absolutely heavenly - sweet and pleasant. The photo above is one I grew at a former residence.

How about you, do you have a few favorite scents? Be sure to visit LeeAnna's blog and check out other "Likes" for the week!


  1. Your son's game looks like fun! I love word games and play some every day. Would you ask him if it's available for Android? 😁 Your garden looks lovely and just the right size. I haven't tried growing Scarlet Runner beans, but the name is intriguing! And yes on the smell of cinnamon - especially in baking. Now I want some cinnamon rolls!

  2. forgot coconut! I like it too... coconut scent no longer available... some of their scents are my faves too, like Christmas peppermint, and candy apple. Your garden is great! I'm gonna check out your son's game, sounds perfect for me!

  3. Love the photo of Rosie, she matches your towels almost too well! A very fun list of scents and memories. Good luck with your garden this year.

  4. I play Lexulous scrabble game every night and I will definitely be looking for Letterz Solo! What a clever fellow you have there!! Meanwhile, your garden is wonderful, Linda. What a job you have done on creating a vegetable garden and pretty areas. Yes to all those wonderful smells too. I like the ones that hold memories for us.

  5. Today (Friday) I stopped in at our library. As I got out of the car, I realized the air smelled like maple - our local cereal factory (Post) was making something flavored with maple. With the chilly weather, it reminded me of fall, not spring! I know what you mean about the "crust" on the cinnamon rolls - I love that! Yum!

  6. It's fun to read your answers and learn more about you. We hiked in the forest today and I love the scent of pine needles. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. I love the scent of cinnamon too! Your Rosie is adorable. She wanted you to find her! That is so sweet! Have a wonderful day!

  8. Rosie is adorable! Your son's game looks very interesting. I don't play too many games but will take a look at this one. I liked seeing you're getting your garden ready. We're doing the same thing. This is a sure sign summer is coming! Love your scents too!


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